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  1. Introduction Welcome to my tutorial on creating a Lua plugin for JA++. Let's start with the requirements, whether they be software or actual knowledge: JA++ Your favourite text editor Basic Lua and coding knowledge Installation instructions for each of these can be found on the respective sites, LUA does not need to be installed as it is interpreted by JA++ itself. Additional Information: JA++ Plugin Developer Resources Getting Started First, you'll want to navigate to your GameData\japlus\cl\lua and create a folder for your plugin, I suggest naming it something related to planes, becaus
  2. What's the point of adding 'On a serious note' when your whole post is a joke?
  3. So the errors are 'npc space error' and then 'some thing'. Hey! I remember those errors! I get that when I sometimes and then I and it fixes it.
  4. 4 fits with the colours of the site, imo.
  5. I really don't see how those are abusive. Things like amslap maybe, where there's not really any use other than lulz. Anything can be 'ab'used, it's up to the admins with privileges of those commands to not abuse them...
  6. Aliases: Slider Area of skills: Coding Brief list of accomplishments: Created JA+, which has become one of the most widely used JKA mods ever. Made it closed source, compelling Raz0r to make the much better open source JA++. Examples of contributions: Made JA+ and raised hands like man power Comments: If Slider wasn't around, chances are there would not have been a JA++, or a JA+ for that matter.
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