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  1. Hey Tompa9, Yeah I'm sorry guys for being away for so long I had alot of work to do . I'm in the middle of a drawing/concept course for games. I spent past few months just going over my foundations and wanted to get back into my projects. I spoke to a couple of you guys on Steam over past month or so about the situation but sorry for leaving everyone in the dark in terms of what I was up to. Alright so where is Kanan ? I looked over the high poly model and was not impressed with the work on areas and decided to leave that as is as it did burn me out and I think drifted too far away from Kanans' Design. Now im reducing the tri count for Jedi academy and should be mapping by tonight. I'm currently looking over substance painter to do my work on Kanans textures and hope to have some work posted as soon as possible. Now I will need a hand with trying to get this character rigged and setup for the game as I'm currently trying to get to grips with how this process works with 3ds max so any help from anyone on that front would be extremely welcomed as its my first time . Sorry again to anyone let down for the lack of updates!
  2. Okay guys should have the helmet up tonight sorry for the delay! Great bit of learning was had on this one.
  3. Love them designs never seen them before but love them sharp lines/tactical look. I hope to get some interesting results for you guys. If I had more time/experience I would do the full suit and armor guns like that. Only thing I dont like is the little fin on the helmet in my eyes it starts looking like a baseball cap with not much room to look up/down with eyes. but who knows maybe soon I'll take on a cool challenge like that as I get faster/better.
  4. Hey peeps! Sorry for late response/release I'm working on the helmet at the moment getting the main parts sorted before I add in all the little gizmo's. Have to clean up some normal map issues that happens during the baking of such a low poly mesh (756 tri aiming for abit lower maybe 450/500). Sorry I did not get it sent out for Wednesday like I said kinda fell asleep after work/gym but should be up on the site soon . I'm probably going to just lay on top of a storm-trooper body just so people who want to use it can have a guide on proportions. Turning out to be a really educational experience getting to grips with this process as I usually just use sketchfab for my stuff but delighted people might get to use rather than just rotate around it in a viewer for a change.
  5. Sounds fine to me might look cool with like a camo pattern when i get the chance ill clean up the surfaces and see if I can come up with anything thanks for the idea!
  6. After picking away at Kanan the past month and a half I decided just to take a quick break for a day or so and have some fun designing and getting used to the pipeline for Jedi Academy before I move back onto Kanan. Spent the day so...roughly 6/7 hours on this in total I had gotten alot further along but yeah ...Dont forget to save kids! I designed the helmet mostly from my mind I used the original art for the Storm trooper as a big inspiration and while I'm far from done as you can tell I'm starting to like it. I should have it in the game and ready for download by...Okay I'm going to say Wednesday latest as i need to to get a move on and finish my Kanan project. Any ideas/changes post them up, cheers!
  7. Quick update today just on the lowpoly front. I have the main elements inside max sitting at around 2k polygons. Now that gives me 1k for hands and head. I'm sure I can squeeze abit more out of the elements to give me more for th face and such as I want to fix up so many things with the low poly but ill post up more as I get into that.
  8. The polycount as it stands for the head is 484 polygons. The original mouth was welded its just a trick I use to get better details for the lip projection i recently deleted them for the jedi academy mouth_eyes mesh to fit in nicely. As for screenshot res yeah I'm noticing the quality does decrease I did touch it up a tad in Photoshop to keep it sharper this time fingers crossed!
  9. Sorry guys for late reply I have spent a good while now just getting my low poly sorted out nothing to really post render wise on that front. As for the hands/shoulder pad yep! those are really renders from roughly v12 of the model I have a majority of the problems fixed in the newest one . Hope to have more renders up this weekend as i do the low poly! . Cheers for the comments/help!
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