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Are you gonna model the hood or leave it textured? but i don't even know if he has one, been so long since i played that game.


It's textured, but the back is molded for it. Decided this route to save time as this is a kitbash + retexture.

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I can see people using this model A LOT in the future, DT. Job well done, man. :)


That's only cause some people might enjoy a simpilar look/style over some content we got which is big and over the top and clan tags textured onto skins and such or perhaps an alternative to the hapslash jedi robe frankensteins.  :shifty:


It actually looks better than the one in the DF2 pack.


That's cause that was a reskin off of human jaden model.  This also is most likely it but DT obviously did more work in regards to that such as the core model itself and the textures.  Basically he did a little more sculpting of it is all and gave it a greater level of definition.




Judging by the hood itself in regards to the side pan.  The hood looks like a really light layer of fabric itself.  Kinda almost like a silk level of depth and lightness.  Where as the rest of the strap overlay looks a bit thicker.  Maybe just move the verts out slightly on the hood a little to have it kinda blend into the general strap size more so. 


Overall I think even for people who aren't into the mod, I can see people using that core model/look for personal skins and frankensteins also cause it looks pretty close to the core game base models.  Plus the textures look pretty nice on it honestly, including the face.  It's not really over the top colourful or bright it kinda has a more neutral style/look to it.

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I think, there is no need to make Yun look 100% like the one in Dark Forces 2. Besides finding the photos of this actor might prove difficult, he hasn't been active since 2005. He even might be recognized by most thanks to this game. All of other series (well, except for Ghost in the Shell series, where he acts as a voice actor) are unknown to me.

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Yun looks fine. Kyle Katarn looked like a blockhead in DF2 compared to his actor, and the color of his clothes were even wrong. This is a huge step up either way.


Content is representative of the time it was released for consumption.  We have better methods now to capture more of the actual actors being inserted into play use of the work. Back then I doubt any of them thought of making the played characters being fully representative of the live actors.  Now with technology we can just add voice overs the actual player models and still get a similar level of experience.  Look at progression of video games in general not till more recently we even have video games filling up more of the dead/empty space where as in the past things were more like big empty boxes and the texture/level detail didn't have to be good, we loved the product for it was trying to convey and less for the form/presentation of it.  More obsession with details as time progressed is all.



I still think little touch on the hood is about only thing the model needs in terms of its size or jut out whatever someone wants to call it.  I don't look at this as it "having to be perfect".  I look at it more like keeping things well rounded in terms of the size.  Flaps look little thick, same with the strap overlay, hood kinda small as it is either makes one think the fabric is thick but the hood is thin so is it like an added piece of cloth onto the fabric or is it just a small piece of fabric left on the initial fabric/cloth when it was fully setup or complete.  Kinda like put a cloth modifier in 3ds max on a mesh and you can pick from heavy, wet, leather, etc.  Saying just hood itself like it is on its own cloth modifier from the rest of the straps when you simulated the cloth and it fell the hood collapsed more than the straps is what I'm saying.  Like the main fabric is leather, the hood is silk. 


It's a stand out I notice but I don't think everyone else is really gonna care or see it as a big deal, anymore so than I see it as a big deal.  Just a little thing can tweak or leave it as it is now, wont hurt the overall model anyway it's obvious that I'm sure people will like it anyway as it is now, hood would just be fine tuning is all. ^_^


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