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  1. I only know how I feel in relation to how I treat myself and how I hope others are in relation to me in regards to treating me how I treat them. I'm sure even people we might consider dishonest, in there minds they're honest. All comes down to a mixture of how much you convey and how you convey it. Sometimes things simply aren't accepted purely on the grounds that it registers in a persons brain aka might of overlooked something you said or they may feel from a big long wall of text you're being showbooty or your full of it or you still got something to hide and so forth. Single person alo
  2. I don't think copying from companies should be any different. We should be honest about what or were content came from. Not saying if you ported from a game company have to go so crazy as to find a video game end credits and find specific names of who did 3d modeling and art assets, at least naming the company alone is enough. With people we run into the same problem more or less. Me, personally, I say edit whatever I personally put out because I honestly can't truly stop ANYONE from editing any file I put out. Waste of energy telling people not to express whatever creative inspiration th
  3. He posted ported content here? I didn't honestly know that. Is there a download link up for that? All based on the skill set of the person who is doing it, a team effort honestly would get it done. I've done models in a day provided I stick to working on them from start to finish but I'm not exactly the most skilled or best at it. Lot better people at it than me.
  4. Of course they're in there right. I'm not talking about right and wrong. I'm trying to have a conversation with peoples personal views/opinions on what truly ported content is about, or what truly constitutes ported content without people assuming, presuming, or thinking any single thing typed or put here is going to magically change jkhub up. Nothing I type is to be taken as law or the golden rule anymore so than anyone else. Plus I'm aware of other sites who have ported content. But I don't see anyone really just talking about the general idea or stuff about porting content. Place like
  5. Take the length of time to produce the 1st model, and multiply that by the amount of time it would take to do all other variations and or other possible Galen outfits/costumes. Example: Say the original model took 5 months to produce, factor in say 2 other sith stalker/lord style models that would probably take well over a year or so to flesh out and produce even for someone who is truly skilled in producing the content. But this more so plays on how dedicated and how much time/energy and how hard they work on the model. How fast or slow they work on it is irrelevant for the quality over q
  6. To long to read than obviously legality of content porting doesn't truly interest you either anymore so than the rules that jkhub enforces on what is allowed/not allowed. People who complain about it can just say "I don't truly care", at least you're more honest about it to other people. http://jkhub.org/topic/5469-pm-me-if-interested/?p=80494 @eezstreet If you wish to close this topic also you're more than welcome to, I fully understand. Good to know I'm the passive aggressive (denotes avoidance, I don't honestly believe I'm avoiding anything even in this topic and anyone could of
  7. http://jkhub.org/files/file/774-malak-reskin-by-tobe/ http://jkhub.org/files/file/1004-toshis-anakindarth-vader/ http://jkhub.org/files/file/517-sith-council-v2/ Sith Council teleporters are quake 3 based models aka ported. Would also photosourced textures via Toshi models also count as ported content since the original textures were not in JK either. Also looks like this site DOES have some ported content in it already. How about Hapslashes own words on to NOT frankenstein his models as well as people more or less uploading and treating Hapslash like a door mat, across multiple gam
  8. It is a stigma, not because of legal grey areas. If it was a legal grey area Valve would have knowingly shut down a vast majority of the content for Garry's Mod. Vast majority of websites that post ported content would have also been shut down as well. It's stupid to assume that companies anymore so than the players are not aware of content being ported/used. You can do same level of work on a ported model to the point it looks just as much like an originally created piece of work, even ported content still needs same level of weighing/rigging/and it's development only stops when no one
  9. Not putting open links up, this topic is not to debate or argue either because there will be no real end to it. It is purely this: -Pictures of models -PM me if you are interested in any of these -Each model will support working hands -Works for JO/JA (don't complain if kata doesn't work for dual sabers) -Specific sound files to the character model itself -Team Skin support I'm not setting up working mouth/eyes as well as caps for simple reason, I played JO and it didn't need or use those in MP and these models are setup for MP. It's delivered specificly for FFA mode which is only what I
  10. Longer time frame, but it's honestly no more difficult. They still rely on the same core basics of construction and good solid foundation aka basics will always come back no matter how advance a project gets. A character model has animations tied to it and a skeleton but even a hilt still has tags just like a character model skeleton has as well. It is a few extra steps but it's still more or less the same. Even a weapon can be setup to make use of animations and such as well if you wish to create new weapon styles and so forth also so in the grand scheme it all ties together, none of whic
  11. Most likely like most requests for ported content, even from people who port content, no one.
  12. There is luke skywalker models in FU and FU2, but no that model is not in either game. Have to google or someone to post the source to know specificly where or what game it came from. Someone could of always created it themselves as well. So quite honestly who knows at this point.
  13. Verts are only a problem if you're looking to do a DIRECT port which isn't going to happen. Newer game content to older game content requires you to still know what you're doing with your modeling program/applications to get it working in an older game. Porting older content to newer games is honestly, easier but still requires you to know what your doing. Even porting content still requires you know how to do the modeling program. Is no real shortcuts on the matter even weighing still needs you to learn how to edit the mesh, delete mesh portions, understand how weighing the mesh to bo
  14. Ported or not, most models that have capes and long flaps tend to look ugly regardless in JK because it always comes off as if the model has a flat piece of cardboard attached to them. But some people overlook those things. Either way even if it was ported and uploaded on jkhub I would say you wont see to many using it anyway, at least these days. The amount of work needed to port it =/= worth a persons time for the final result.
  15. How many models did you have contained in a single cell? I think this may more so be in line with to many models in a single area basically to many for the game engine to render or load up at a single time. So the obvious fix is to break up the amount of models you got in a single area. Overall you got a limit of 4096 map entity's so don't worry about not having enough models in a single map. Just try not to cluster to much in a single area, like patches, game wont compile to much of certain things in a single area. Another simple fix is open the models you want in a room and save all th
  16. Does someone do it for attention or is it because that's who they are? Pot, meet my friend kettle. I don't picture anyone who goes off and do something, as an outsider or misfit. But considering we have just as many groups who were formulated branching off from original communities/clans and how many share similar rules and mindsets, it can get confusing for anyone no matter who long you've played or been apart of any community. Picture can blur to a point no one can really distinguish things. Even words aren't absolute, just because I say one thing doesn't mean I always account for ev
  17. I have ridden the mighty sandworm! FATHER, THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKEN I couldn't resist.
  18. These kinda groups are no different than the standard ones. They're just more open and honest about there inclusionary nature. Not to mention they're socialable in the same way if you were apart of there group like a general clan/community/group. Their use of language might be more "rough" or "vulgar" but don't jump to generalizations or labels. They are still just as human as you are and they only go off into there own corners and group up cause like anyone else they still want some kinda socialization but they want more specific kinda people in there group who act, walk, and talk in the
  19. Not to mention less a certain standard or quality is applied to content from other games, they will stand out in an ugly sense in JK. They will end up looking blocky/bulky and no one likes using that sorta content for very long once the lens flare/imagination of it wears off.
  20. Not terribly concerned of if or if not someone can run the physics. My general view was it would end up for ragdoll and cloth physics which really doesn't seem worth the effort for really anyone to do. For mapping and making maps that make use of certain puzzles possibly, but physics in general is just one big cosmetic setup. Doesn't really serve to much purpose looking at the half of dozen cames that have added it in since video games jumped into more 3D and vibrant worlds. As much as I would enjoy the idea of cloth physics the amount of work between a coder and modelers even is to large.
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