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Level 1: Nar shaddaa

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Is it too late to suggest maybe changing the theme similar to the one on massassi? Seems that dirty, dark, greenish tinted look works really well for Nar Shaddaa.


I also just realized I made a Lambda for SWBF2 that looks way better than JA's that we could use in the mod. It's of course modeled over official blueprint images, similar to the base AT-ST the Lambda in JA is very inaccurate in terms of proportions and details.

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I'm trying to stop the saber from being added, it seems to be the default weapon. :\

on Info_player_start entity should be a spawnflag for not load the saber at the start of level. that's spawn is used on the t2_dpred level: jaden is capture by imperial and for all level yu cannot use the saber. :)


ROFTL, i arrive really late! ahahahah XDD :D i tell the answer after eight pages of discussion.

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On another note. Already there has been some criticism to the design aspect of this 01Nar redux.


20-Jan-2014 16:42
Okay, so I got a chance to play the beta demo containing an early first level. There were some things I liked, but there were a lot more things I did not. The layout and scale was bizarre. If you remake DF2, the levels have to be pretty much stride-for-stride. Even though nothing was ever released, the original DF2 to JKA mod had their level design down: Near replications with added detail. I know this is a WIP, but it just isn't very good thus far. I'm hoping that that level gets reworked dramatically and the whole project is focused towards being a faithful replication (I really love the idea for the HUD and the first-person fists!). Until then, I just don't like it.

This is a post from Gibbagobba on JKHub.net, he is an avid gamer and lover of the original DF2. I'm assuming he is referring to this particular level since this post was made not too long after I pointed out the DF2 mod subforum here on JkHub.org.
Now please note I'm not saying I agree or disagree with him in any way, however it is my belief that his post has some valid points.
Most notably is that The level design seems to stray too far from the source in some aspects.
The bar area. While it still bear resemblence to the source, it is a passing resemblence at that.
Just as an example, my DF2MP redux levels, mainly Nar Loading terminal thus far, while I am artisically altering the level to incorporate new design features, the level itself is nearly an exact copy. Game flow wise, and even down to proportions. Just fixing some things that dont make sense (the ramp leading to the elevator, how do you get cargo up??) , adding small details here and there etc.
Artistically and esthetically your 01Nar recreation is looking good, just remember the source material.
Just my .02

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I personally as well am a fan of a close replica, 2 of my favorite examples of all time were the remakes for MGS1 and RE1 for the gamecube back in the day. Very nostalgic feel while having the updated graphics and gameplay, that's what I'd like to see happen with this mod, I think it will hit a larger audience if so.

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See that's the thing. That guy who was making a incredibly cool DF2 maps for JKA totally messed with the design of the entire level, but yet he was praised with a zillion OMG WOW's. I personally found that the majority of the original level design has a considerable amount of blank/wasted space. So I'm confused now about what the people want to see/play. Should maps for this mod be:


- perfect 1:1 copy of the original, no added details

- 1:1 copy then add more details

- a new design while keeping with a feel of the locations


You guys should hopefully love the new starting area (what you see in the video).




Btw, I didn't even know news of the beta demo made it past JKHub.org so yay for that. :D

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The "beta demo" link should still work, I haven't removed any files from my dropbox.


Lol I'm sure how the level is made is utter garbage, but it doesn't bum me out as this is also teaching me to map. :D

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See using the original DF2 mod as well as Zell's designs as reference when compared to the LEC, both got the designs very close with some overall necessary addons. Zell added vents in the first large room/hallway after the bar. I think the point Gibba was trying to make was essentially that a 1:1 copy with added details would be preferable. I.E a door behind the bar to an employee area, a door outside the bar so its not just the hallway you leav by etc.
But please remember one thing, in my professional opinion Gibba does have a narcissistic personailty. Lol.

I love how the new beggining area looks though. Remakes the opening scene well yet still keeps the original LEC level look and feel.

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I still need to fixup some textures in the start area, but brushwork/models is done I think. This map is a near 100% copy, but with some things added & changed. Maybe Gibba meant the railings moreso than anything. :P




Btw if you shoot the bartender, the employee door opens as a secret area. Has a health pack, ammo pack & shield inside plus more booze and a sink. ;)

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Yeah, I think the way the DF Mod team handled the Dark Forces Mod really works well for updating an old game. One particular thing I didn't like about the Beta was that there was no lower level cargo area that lead to the landing platform, so I hopefully that can be included somewhere down the line.

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I would say a new design but don't change things too much. The only reason there wasn't more detail in the original is because they weren't capable of it. If they could have made the areas more detailed, they would have (when you look at most video game remakes, they always add extra stuff that should have been in the original game).

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I'm not advocating a true 1:1 copy.  I like the idea of taking the original design and adding detail to it. Pipes, lights, locked doors to no where. As Onysfx said "The only reason there wasn't more detail in the original is because they weren't capable of it. If they could have made the areas more detailed, they would have"
This is a DF2 recreation mod correct? Not a DF2 Clone mod, but recreation. Take the original design and improve on it. Add details to have things make sense. Fix lighting issues, AI issues, random environmental crap. But just keep the FEEL of the levels was my main point.

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Check out some of my previous works:
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