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  1. Just tweaking a few things first, but I'll try send you the PSD file very soon. And I'll be happy to recreate more of the backgrounds. I've actually already started working on a few.
  2. Okay so this version is much closer to the original DF2 menu. What you guys think?
  3. I'm doing that right now. Will post it soon.
  4. Had a few ideas how the menu could look so I made this concept. Thought that green lightsaber looked good in the orange menu so I threw in some more green. I think it looks good, but I might of over did it. Also as you can see I traced the drawing of Kyle from the new game menu and placed it in the main menu. That sketch was always my favorite part of the original DF2 menu. Perhaps it would be cool to create a new original sketch for the main menu using the same kind of style. Maybe Kyle and Jerrec fight along the rocks with the Crow flying overhead. Or, something like that. Anyways
  5. There seems to be a lot of bright lights in that dark room. Brighten up the room a bit.
  6. 2,663 downloads

    Description: This pack contains skins of several of the characters from the game Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. The characters included in this pack are... DFII_Kyle DFII_Kyle2 (In-game version) DFII_Jan Qu_Rahn Jerec Sariss Maw Boc Yun MOTS_Kyle MOTS_Mara Also a few of the Dark Forces II multiplayer characters are included in this pack. Anyways I hope you enjoy this skin pack.
  7. 4,423 downloads

    Description: Pack includes 4 different outfits worn by Starkiller and a blue Starkiller clone from The Force Unleashed II. NPCs - Starkiller_Clone - Starkiller_Clone2 - Starkiller_Clone3 - Starkiller_Clone4 - Starkiller_Clone5
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