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What 3D modeling application do you use for JKO/JKA?


What 3D modeling application do you use for JKO/JKA?  

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  1. 1. What 3D modeling application do you primarily use to create assets for JKO/JKA?

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Modeling 3D assets has become more and more mainstream since Jedi Outcast and Academy came out. It used to be an obscure talent only a handful of modders could do well. Nowadays, more and more people are picking up 3D modeling as a hobby or full career. There are many tools out there to shape, mold, and sculpt in a 3D space.

Which one do you use primarily for Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy mods?


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Well Well...

Making a Character:

- MakeHuman for shape the body.

- For Clothes... again i not found a solution, i guess i will do some kind of asset on 3d max about it by kitbashing various models... some stuff is on 3d warehouse.

-------------------------------Making a MD3 \ 3D Models Assets, Weapons, ETC :

Open Game Art, 3DWAREHOUSE for get stuff, sites of free textures for get textures, choose ever CC0 or CCBY stuff low poly.

Blender for assign material and compile MD3 (cause of batch functions for copy md3shader parameters tons of time)


MAX 10, Q3ME Of Ashura for Get autoclip collision stuff.

--------------------------- Making a Map ---------------------------

Old tools:

- Easygen for make terrains / GM terrains

New Tools:

- Alternative: Ashura Q3ME for make terrains, most fast, most accurate.

Walls and brushes:

SweetHome3D for fastly draw the walls architectures

Q3ME and 3DMAX for convert to MAP format the prefab map structure

GTK RADIANT CUSTOM of MJT for build the map, adding MD3 with autocollision (no more pain work for draw manually collision on 3d max, collision of MD3 is generated during map building)





SHADERS, NPC file, Sabers data, weapons data, weapons customization:

------------------------ Scripts and Strings

Scripting Icarus: Behaved and Dehaved.

notepad for edit *.NPC., *.SAB, *.GUN file (weapon customization lib added with coding, WIP unreleased, unfinished)

------------------------------------ Audio wav, MP3. ----------------------

Goldwave, Audacity for edit

Morphvox for edit voice tracks and change timber of voice. 



Openjk + VISUAL STUDIO, Cmake, Notepad++









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11 hours ago, Circa said:

I assume he is asking what that "other" software is exactly, since you voted "other". 😛 I am also curious.

Ah, I see. Well, I used to start modeling with SketchUp (or "Google SketchUp" as it was called back then).

In fact, I made Rey's staff and the TARDIS with SketchUp years ago, with the intention to convert the models in Blender. First I thought that I could model whatever I wanted and just get it in the game. But as I lacked the knowledge required to properly convert high poly models to make them work for Jedi Academy, I gave up on those projects.

Today, I'm still using it for completely personal projects. Many would call SketchUp a waste of time, or cry about the very thought that it isn't as advanced as all the other 3D modeling softwares. But so long as it's available, I will use it. Because out of all the 3D softwares I tried, SketchUp is still the easiest for me to use. And if I want the models to look better, I'm using Blender to polish them up.

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I can't remember, but perhaps the very first 3d software I tried was perhaps MilkShape 3D – a minor program, which could be used for free for 1 month back in 2000s. This had a variety of plugins to create and incorporate models to such games like Half-Life or Sims. I used it to make primitive models or rather convert existing ones to be used in Jedi Outcast.

Much later I would try GMax and 3dsMax, but more like a technical tool. In 2011 or so I tried DAZ Hexagon, which I use up to this date, but in most cases if not all I combine this with UV Layout (to create UVs obviously), Photoshop and Illustrator (to make textures) and 3dsMax for final polishing and to export the model as a prop or a character model.

I also tried zBrush, Blender and currently studying Maya. But as I said, they aren't currently my favourites.

Several of the models for my projects got textures, which I made in Substance Painter.

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On 9/1/2022 at 5:22 PM, Asgarath83 said:


- For Clothes... again i not found a solution, i guess i will do some kind of asset on 3d max about it by kitbashing various models... some stuff is on 3d warehouse.


Go give Marvelous Designer a try. Blender has some really good cloth simulating tools now but MD is super simple and easy to learn. You will need good hardware though to simulate cloth physics.

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10 hours ago, Tchefuncte Bonaparte said:

If anyone is using Blender 3.3 can you point me to an addon that will support md3 files? All the addons I can find are for older versions and don’t work

Hi. I wrote a blender addon to import bsp files which also features a md3 importer and exporter. It doesn't support blender 3.3 currently but I'll try patching it up, so you and other people can use it. Will let you know when and where you can get the updated version.

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