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  1. Really good job! Your texturing and modelling job looks amazing, really good work! uh what
  2. So you didn't actually do any modelling here and focused primarily on texturing. You have a lot of issues happening here, first of the fabric needs to be scaled down. Here it looks as though each strand in the fabric on snoke's cloak is the size of his fingers, which is not so good. It's such a shame cause the texture you basically projected onto the face of the model is not that terrible. I feel like I don't get a unified feel of the texture from his fabric and his skin, they don't match detail wise and looks very malplaced.
  3. Noses don't look like that and why the hell doesn't he have a chin? it looks like George Lucas I think you need to study the fundamentals. Jokes aside this is definitely not Kyle Katarn, not even his likeness. Looks like a completely different person. You definitely need to work on the jaw and chin, I suggest looking at sculptures of heads to fully understand how it works. Imagine the head in segments, test and try out stuff and keep at it. It's good that people are being supportive, but this is simply wrong. Good luck with it
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