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PierceDoughty's Model And Porting Requests

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Spawn as npc support and multiplayer


Get the ingredients from the Max player model  for Quake 3 arena to make a Max Player  Model for Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy.




Here the Player Models Please use them. 

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Cyrax Sektor Cyber Smoke Cyber Sub-zero as npc, multiplayer, bot support  Cyrax Smoke Cyber Sub-zero spawn as allies Sektor spawn as a enemy Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke attacks with pulse blades which look like lightsabers Cyber Sub-zero attacks with Kori Blade Cyrax an Sektors Pulse Blade Hilt are available in multiplayer and so is Sub-zeros Kori Blade Smokes Pulse Blades 1 blue 1 orange like kyles lightsaber colors

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Bernard Bernoulli Dave Miller Hoagie Jeff Laverne Michael Razor Sandy Syd Wendy npc multiplayer Support they attack with the chainsaw and crowbar and scalpel and exploding cigars which they light with a ligter that looks like a gun and some of them can attack with lightsabers  they spawn as allies

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Pls.. be honest with Yourself and think that way - nobody will make these stuff - period. 

Spaming these kinda posts and topics is rly under control here.. even if we should have rights to be open and free.. just think for Yourself 

It is 1/10000 chance that someone will spent their time working on something like this...

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