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  1. Langerd's post in Problems with map (command related) was marked as the answer   
    Type in the console - r_drawfog 1. It should work. Probably you have it set on 0
  2. Langerd's post in 1st person(.md3) shading in Blender was marked as the answer   
    You must add and edit it like this - property name to md3shader and property value to the path of Your texture.
  3. Langerd's post in How do you Assign a Specific Weapon to a Bot for Multiplayer was marked as the answer   
    In a scripts folder there is something like a bot file. For example my Teensie mod has something like this (You can open Bot file with the wordpad)
  4. Langerd's post in MD3 models animation is stiff was marked as the answer   
    Fixed... the weird thing - if You will change animations that are for shooting with blasters : for example BOTH_ATTACK3   The MD3 model animations works diffrently. If You will change in this line that it will use only 1 frame.. the MD3 models are bugged - stiff.
  5. Langerd's post in Concussion alt fire - which gfx was marked as the answer   
    Found it ! It is called :

    gfx/effects/blueline and gfx/misc/whiteline2 
  6. Langerd's post in sv setbrushmodel null was marked as the answer   

    A brush entity with no brushes.There's having an entity that consists purely of an origin brush.Having an origin brush in the worldspawn (this might cause a different error)
     press L and find an enity without the brushes. This bug happens when You for example have a brush that is func_static and You think i want it to be func_door.. for some reason radiant is not removing the enity It just make new enitiy using the previous brush.
  7. Langerd's post in Changing... computer.. BUT! Windows 10 O~~Q was marked as the answer   
  8. Langerd's post in My animation skeleton is screwed up after exporting... was marked as the answer   
    IT WORKS!!! YEAAH!!!!

    To fix this issue first! You must do what Ramikad said :3 - I take it you exported the animations .gla with gla reference to the original skeleton, models/players/_humanoid/_humanoid

    It is right in the exporting.. I just simply add path to the _humanoid.gla and it took all origins, bones and all stuff and it worked ^^

    Many Thanks @@Ramikad

    dunno which post i should select as the anser though O.o
  9. Langerd's post in Sky Portal Brightness was marked as the answer   
    Check the shader of this texture .. maybe it has weird lines or something... Or Just use _remap spawnflag in Radiant. Maybe that will work
  10. Langerd's post in Boba Fett's EE-3 carbine rifle was marked as the answer   
    Hmm You must change the path to the models in the :
    gamedata/base/ext_data/weapons.dat <---- this is the file that has all weapons options like effects, model that weapon use and even sounds and ammo count. Find the repeater and change the path of the model to the path that Your EE-3 has.
    Of course - DONT change it in the assets.rar (NEVER change anything in them .. it can rly crush your game). Make diffrent rar and make ext_data folder with the new weapons.dat file. The original weapons.dat file is in the assets.
  11. Langerd's post in Terrain Mapping Ultrathread (For Terrain Builders) was marked as the answer   
    Not sure because i am not using easygen...
    I was trying to use it . The shaders are the key. Making terrain with easygen not only .. well create the terrain but You can also make blend textures (a smooth change of the texture from rock to the snow for example - this is creating in shaders).
    The problem for me with this program is sometimes crappy final effect, a scale that i want to make and of course... a pain in the ass way to export it to the gtkradiant :S... There are tutorials on Jkhub:
    https://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/101-terrain-creation-using-easygen/ - here is Szico's tutorial btw
  12. Langerd's post in I'm going crazy trying to get this to work. was marked as the answer   
    First: I think that in some places Your model is too detail. It is not only good for the game but also makes Uv more complicated - Specially when You have very thick elements .

    Second: This is the old game and some models will not be in front of the player eyes. You dont need to make texture 100% nice and clear laying on the model (see for example clones made by neomarz1 - http://jkhub.org/files/file/601-clones-ultima-vm/ )
    So in these thick , narrow places there is no need to make them detail looking (in most situations)

    Third: Make these UVs more plane looking. Making it many small parts is harder to make them connected. Specially when You want to make a smooth connection. When the uvs are made in parts it is hard... they are too seperated.

    AND very very imprtant thing! There is no need to make the model like You made on top.

    And last thing. Hmm .. When You have elements that are similar or just looking the same - they can use the same texture I just take the Uv on the right and place it on the same looking object's uv to make them look the same. This is not making good effect when the similarity is very visible and when they are next to each other (nobody like the repetetive textures becasue they look ugly :S)

    So i hope that will help

    Also for bonus ... I have textured Your model today in 3 hours. I am learning some new stuff and Your model was great lesson for that 83
    Some screens of the UV how i made and screens of my model

    I am just self learner so i am not advance modeler. Check some tutorials about Uv and modeling!
  13. Langerd's post in Blender - adding the player model tags. was marked as the answer   
    OK i made it! XD my mistake i was exporting into the worng folder. The taking tags from other model worked

    About the model... It is made from scratch. Only hands are default ones but nor problem here. I FINNALY MADE IT OwO My own player model. It looks like shit but with some practice and skillz maybe i will achieve something better XD (For real. I made it from scratch .. 100% true. This is not frankenstein. Sry abiut that i am so amazed about it XD)
  14. Langerd's post in NPC Firerate was marked as the answer   
    The class of the npc is important too. Class jan and lando shots faster than stormtrooper i think (but it give the undisarmable bonus). The other shooting classes change their fire speed that depends on the game difficulty settings.
    In npc file ... no. You can only set fire distance . If you want npc that shoots faster or it using alt fire - use script.
  15. Langerd's post in Grid Image?? was marked as the answer   
    In blender you can open glm and export UV layout - this grid that You want. It is very helpful to know which texture of the face we are editing in our model.
  16. Langerd's post in My saber doesnt work with saber styles was marked as the answer   
    I have it -     noManualDeactivate 1

    It works now I comapre my saber file with Kylo Ren's saber by Ashura
  17. Langerd's post in Making textures. was marked as the answer   
    Wrong path folder or wrong dimensions.
    256x256 512x512 1024x1024
    Give us more detail
  18. Langerd's post in func_[entity] + model2 key was marked as the answer   
    1.Create the MD3 model that You want to be breakable
    2.Create the brushes into the shapes of this model (for my crate i just made a single cube)
    3.Select BRUSHES and give them ,,Func_breakable"
    4.Give this func_breakable a ,,targetname" spawnflag (for example boom)
    5.Select the MD3 MODEL and give it the ,,target" spawnflag  and just wrote the targeting object - (in my case boom)
    6.Compile Your map and open Your game
    7.Shoot the model with Your rocket and see beautiful destruction

  19. Langerd's post in A .CFG bind zoom - One button was marked as the answer   
    NEVERMIND ! I just made it
  20. Langerd's post in Glowing shader ... on weapon in MP - saber was marked as the answer   
    Ok XD maybe stupid me and didnt saw that there is no diffrence. I change the texture to brighter only to check that _glow texture is read by the game... And Yes it works 83

    Many thanks for answers!
  21. Langerd's post in jka models misc_model_breakable was marked as the answer   
    Select that this topic is answered Glad I could help.
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