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Porting Projects

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Maybe he didnt really know where to start, and just wanted a clean prologue. @UM-3154 You said you were doing some porting? What are you porting? There's quite a lot of resources here, as well as skilled people to help you get the ball rolling. What software are you familiar with, or interested in? Is there a specific game you wanted to port over? There's a good chance it's either already been ported, or requested. Just let us know what your plan is and we'll steer you in the right direction, and if you ever get overwhelmed with this site in particular, hit me up. I do things.

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3 hours ago, kibasennin said:

"tight" in inglese significa "figo". ti stava facendo un complimento <font style=?">

bei modelli! Li hai portati da solo?

 I adapt with Google translate because I don't speak English and it's easy to misunderstand ... Anyway thanks, I really appreciate that they are liked, I do them all by myself, a nice pastime ... But now it's not over, I have many other interesting projects in mind ! ?

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