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  1. I'm in too! A custom saberfight like Boothand suggests would be epic.
  2. Just dilettante saying, you could use the program webspider and just download this whole website with all its levels and contents I guess. It prolly will take some days and your provider will say thank you. Maybe there are even more clever progs where you can filter to only save .rar files.
  3. Is it possible to lift up the limits of jk2 up to the ones from JKA? Mainly the issue "ERROR: MAX_SUBMODELS exceeded" causes JK2 to not properly run JKA maps I think. Any fix in that direction would be awesome!
  4. I have two different versions of it: http://www.file-upload.net/download-7518393/PUGMod.rar.html
  5. It says this mod is unavailable for other users: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1527-nerevars-cam-mod-for-jk2-v102/ and I'm wondering whether that's true because you can see it's: Approved by: MagSulCould you check it plz :>
  6. I so love Matrix This Map looks uber nice! Let's see whether it works for jk2.
  7. Kaiser

    Physix Reborn

    Wish it was available for JK2 :3
  8. News on this: *_* http://kotaku.com/disney-shuts-down-lucasarts-468473749 http://kotaku.com/lucasarts-closure-convinces-developers-to-release-awes-468994505 Hehe I find it funny how all the news media is writing about Jedi Knight I always thought of it as a small community now we get this big global attention
  9. Its for JKA right? Rly I can't figure it out in this forum lol although I read that you can see it somewhere :s
  10. Are there people to play this actively? :3
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