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joMME 1.4.3

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About This File

joMME is an engine modification of Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast for moviemaking. It's a

port of q3mme with most of its features and some new ones.



- supporting versions: 1.02, 1.04

- demo playback control (pause, rewind)

- free camera mode

- chase camera mode

- time speed animation

- capturing motion blur

- capturing output in stereo 3D

- different output types: jpg, tga, png, avi

- playing music on background to synchronize it with editing

- saving depth of field mask

- overriding players information: name, saber colours, hilts, team, model

- dynamic glow effect from Jedi Academy

- weather effects: sun and realistic rain

- realistic first person view with visible body (trueview)

- recording audio to wav

- replacing world textures with your own

- replacing skybox with one solid colour (chroma key)

- capturing in any resolution

- off-screen capturing

- capturing a list of demos

Author: ent

Version: 1.4.2

Date: 27.06.2014

Filesize: 6.01 MB


Installation: either extract the archive to "GameData" folder or extract

anywhere, then create folder "base" next to folder "mme", put in there

("base") assets0.pk3, assets1.pk3, assets2.pk3, assets5.pk3 from "base"

from your original game path. Then run start_joMME.cmd file and enjoy the



Copyrights: ©2014 ent


What's New in Version 1.4.3


  • 1.4.3
  • fixed thinkness of drain effect
  • fixed inability to play background music
  • 1.4.2
  • fixed some incorrectly looking 2d objects with enabled ratio fix
  • fixed rotating thrown saber if demo is paused or its speed 0
  • fixed sharply rotating objects (mainly thrown sabers) due to null trajectory time
  • fixed crash in the renderer initialization if r_dynamicGlow was set to anything but 0 or 1
  • fixed rare drawing drain effect on low frame update
  • fixed double drawing of head (dismembered and attached to body ones) with enabled trueview
  • fixed trueview view position for dm_15 demos (bodies were bended too much)
  • fixed double drawing of dismembered limbs
  • added new commands to sun and rain
  • fixed crash with enabled dismemberment when it was scanning for invalid client (-1)
  • fixed incorrect randomizing that caused a lot of effects look same
  • 1.4
  • fixed wrong zoom mode detection for non-predicted clients that caused never "joining" to scope view
  • fixed displaying crosshair when non-predicted client dead
  • fixed crazy view shake after rewinding (default view vibration)
  • added an opportunity to see activated absorb on everyone with mov_absorbVisibility
  • added tips on the loading screen
  • added an opportunity to change colour of rage, protect and absorb forces
  • fixed game crash in force selection
  • added an opportunity to switch ratio fix during demo playback or gameplay
  • added enhanced weather system from Nerevar's Cam Mod
  • fixed a bug that caused scrolling the console with mouse wheel when it is minimized in main menu
  • made shader animation with triangle waveform be interpolated smoothly
  • fixed allocating 2x more megabytes than needed
  • added support for smooth dynamic light from JA and new dynamic light style with r_dlightStyle cvar
  • fixed sound interruption if its volume too low
  • fixed a bug when the game tried to load audio files that have more than 4194304 samples (~2 MB default jamp mp3), now joMME has it unlimited like in jk2mp
  • fixed endless loop in demo loading if it loaded background music in mp3 and it had variable rate
  • fixed a game crash when user did not type demo name when started recording demo
  • deleted left part of cd checker which did not let play on local server (disconnected often)
  • fixed inactive input in demo hud
  • made adding entities to snapshot use raven's way because of some problems with ghoul2
  • added an option to remove mme demo after finishing watching it with mme_demoRemove cvar
  • fixed a bug when mme demo crashed because original one had some invalid old snapshots
  • added an option to precache client information such as models, skins and sounds with mme_demoPrecache cvar
  • made the game load dlls only
  • fixed animmap not being smooth if game time is too big
  • fixed missing 3d models of some pickable items in local server or in regular demo player
  • made non-predicted clients have smoothly interpolated speed trail
  • fixed disruptor 2nd and next rays being drawn with wrong start origin
  • added hide feature to clientOverride command to not draw players if necessary
  • fixed frag message drawing place when client is non-predicted
  • non-predicted clients now have screen tints
  • made flag icons become semi-transparent when flag is dropped
  • added ratio fix to more 2d objects
  • changed fov control behavior and added saving camera flags (mainly for fov) to project
  • fixed weird camera movement after switching position interpolation type
  • added crosshair to demo editing modes which exists in q3mme
  • added dismemberment feature from Nerevar's Cam Mod
  • fixed missing/silent sounds in intermission (other part in ''remade stereo capture'')
  • fixed and made falling vector/blackout work with non-predicted clients too
  • added trueview feature
  • added dof scripting feature
  • added dm_15 demo detection for regular demo player
  • remade stereo capture
  • fixed background music speed for different s_khz values
  • fixed cl_avidemo and opening logic in demo command
  • fixed endless drawing holocron glowing shader
  • added new NT mod version detection
  • fixed incorrect female sounds detection if sound config is missing
  • improved saber clash fire to be more precise
  • fixed lagometer in demos
  • fixed 2d screen tints being opaque
  • fixed wrong behavior of saber clash fire and its dependence on drawing fps in camera/chase mode
  • fixed disappearing sounds when timescale is modified in local server
  • fixed visible player models in intermission - they are invisible now
  • added support for surfaceSprites flatten type which was missing from SP
  • added teh's PBO for faster capture
  • added s_mixSameTime to fix noisy sound when a lot of same sounds called at the same time
  • fixed multiple drawing floating sprites above players' head
  • fixed never interrupting death sound after respawn
  • fixed ratio fix in inventory selection
  • fixed AVI capture without sound
  • fixed sound capture with enabled depth capture
  • added avi capture for depth mask
  • fixed personal assault sentry rotation animation
  • fixed AVI+audio capture when motion blur is enabled
  • fixed AVI+audio capture when it checks if we are capturing any video
  • fixed AVI+audio capture if there is no capturing any video at all
  • fixed AVI+audio capture in stereoscopic 3d capture when 2nd stream could add wrong time offset for audio
  • unlocked some stuff that worked for predicted client only - now works for non-predicted ones too
  • 1.0
  • fixed console notifier colours in NT demos
  • fixed mov_chatBeep that did not work at all
  • fixed center print message that prtinted text not on center sometimes
  • added enhanced scoreboard for ctf
  • fixed missing cursor texture in demohud
  • avi now can save audio (mme_saveWav 2)
  • added chatbox from JA
  • added rgb sabers support for clientOverride feature
  • added opportunity to override saber hilt with clientOverrdie feature
  • fixed wrong animation angles (1.02)
  • fixed missing looping sounds of force powers
  • fixed missing rocket looping sound
  • fixed missing entities (ammo/armor regeneration stations) (1.02)
  • fixed trip mine ray visibility if it starts behind camera
  • added support for volumetric shadows w/o developer mode requirement
  • the mod now shows flag capture time
  • fixed first person gun offset for landing non-predicted clients
  • added railgun effect with spiral for disruptor
  • holocrons(not tested) and seeker droids move smoothly in low speed
  • added support for new NT mod version (1.02)
  • fixed shown first person gun in spectator
  • fixed colours of version in the console
  • forcing core affinity feature now supports flags
  • fixed crash in local server with dynamic glow enabled
  • fixed fading shadow in center print message
  • added mouse wheel support for demo browser in menu

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Hey man, how does the stereo 3D stuff work? I only found the r_stereo command, which crashes the game on startup as well as on vid_restart.

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