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Nerevar's Cam Mod (for JK2 v1.02) 1.0

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Nerevar's Cam Mod (1.0) for Jedi Knight v1.02


Even if you don't want to make an ultra cool movie with pro camera rails, you should check it out, cause it makes it much easier (less investigated time to search the kills, fast-forward feature or freeview and spectator mode) to watch your demos


Besides that the mod includes:

- dismemberment

- rain effect

- sun effect

- option for saber trail extension

and some more


Also the demo & Disconnect crash is fixed (CTF demo crash fixed too) and jk2mp.exe will quit orderly



Copy the complete "Cammod" folder into your GameData folder

Then load it by starting jk2 normally -> setup -> mods -> loadmod cammod


Start the game and set in console vm_ui 0 and vm_cgame 0 (the mod won't work otherwise)



If you haven't done it correctly, the console will give you a message that a .dll is missing


BUTTONS (ingame):

W,A,S,D,C,SPACE - movement

shift - speed down

mouse2 - speed up

mouse1 - spectate the players (cycling like in spectator mode, press any movement key to return into freeview mode)

Q - opens the camera menu ingame

Z - a step back, if you accidently deleted the wrong waypoint, or don't like the one you just created, press Z end the last state is reloaded (there's just one step)

Del - deletes a selected waypoint for the rail camera



Important note: To start the rails which you've created, you have to do cam_drawpath 0 (= off)


Waypoints (showcase:


-there are 2 kinds of waypoints: initials and chains

initials will start a "new camerapath" while chains will connect to the last waypoint

-To add an initial fill in all editfields (starttime,endtime,startorigin,startangles,endorigin,endangles)

-To add a chain fill in only the end-editfields and leave the rest blank (endtime,endorigin,endangles)

-modes: linear/smooth/very smooth



Other notes:

editfields can be set to the current time by pressing the triangle next to it

editfields can be set to an event by pressing the cross next to it and choosing an event from the eventcatcher

origin & angles editfields can be set to the current origin & viewangles by pressing the triangle next to it



More detailed Infos




- then there is a time editfield and a commandline editfield, add it and the written command will be automatically executed when the set time is passed


You can add effects:

-times & origins & angles like waypoints

-File is the .efx started when the set time is passed at the set origin

-the list below shows the effects in your folders (base & cammod)

-click on it to choose it

-double click on it to show the effect ingame


OTHER COMMANDS (most of them are included in the menu):

toggletimescale - toggle the timescale value between the value 0 and the current value (so you can easily pause and unpause the demo by pressing just one button) bind it!


startCamerapathNow - the loaded camerapath file will start immediately relative to the started time, ignoring timescale (so you can use the path with timescale 0, f.e.) if you do this, the times for the waypoints don't have to be exact, just the distance between the timepoints is used, timescale has NO influence, the realtime is used




cam_sabertrail - you can change the length(time) of the sabertrail, 40 is default


These you can set also in the menu (prefered):

-cam_preloadfiles - the cammod will preload all files which are needed lateron before the demo starts so there shouldn't be any user/join/connect/skin/model/change-lags

cam_mousespeed - for freeview

cam_speed - for freeview

cam_smooth - for freeview

cam_collision - freeview has collision

cam_dismember - enable/disable dismemberment on kills

cam_corpsedismember - enable/disable dismemberment on corpses

cam_rain - set rain and its intensity (0-1000)

cam_sun - enable/disable sun flare effect

cam_shownames - show the names of all players

cam_freeview - well, freeview

cam_lookat - lock the cameraview to the set entity (entitynumber 0-1024)(0-31 are players, look into the entitylist)

cam_drawpath - draws the waypoints & effects, if this is activated neither camerapathmovement nor cameraeffects nor cameracommands will start (like in editmode)



-The mod shows demos of base,cammod and all nt folders in a list, by pressing the buttons above the list you can show/hide those folders

-doubleclick or play button starts the demo

-If you press DELETE the chosen demo will be removed (FOR EVER!!!)

-You can still type into your console "/demo" if there are multiple demos with the same name the list will show those so you can choose which one you really want (also ingame!!!)


Menu stuff:

Add Item:

-You can add a waypoint, a command or an effect here (explanation below)


-You see all the current waypoints/effects/commands

-by clicking on them they will be marked, by doubleclicking on them the view will be set so you can see them

-you can press DELETE to delete an item

-the progressbar below shows the current position in the demo (time)


-You can see all entities and there entitynumbers

-You can filter which ones you want to see

-doubleclick to spectate the chosen entity


-title is the demoname

-Timepoint is the position to fast-forward to by clicking on the fast-forward button

-clicking the triangle will set the timepoint cvar to the current time

-clicking the cross will open the eventcatcher which shows all kills(times are marked red) & chatmessages which happened or will happen in the demo, click accept to set the selected time to fast-forward value (timepoint)

-below you can set the camerapath file which you can load/save by clicking the buttons

-the list under that shows the camerapath files in your cammod/camerapaths folder (click to set)


-you can edit all cammod settings



Tips & Tricks:

- If you forgot adding a waypoint, it is no problem. You can just insert a waypoint f.e. between two others, by using a time which is between those

- As you can fly smoothly around, you can record your frags ofc with just flying by manually

- Editfields: endangles (making the cameras having an angle sideways) is a rly nice effect when using the rail system


Feel free to ask anything!

General questions plz to http://jk2ffa.freeforums.org/cam-mod-t348.html or simply here at jkhub.org

Coding and other special questions plz to inerevari@live.de




-The campath might disappear after the 10th cam point. I think you can continue however but your campath will be not visible anymore (some maximum is reached or so)

-As the rail system has no fixpoint it might turn wildly around so chose your waypoints wisely (or use cam_lookat 0-31 for clients or 32-x for items/entities):

to avoid that wild turnings the camera should not make turns over 180° as it might turn the other way around, same with endangles (but just try it out yourself)





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