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Status Updates posted by Mr.Zz

  1. New Hot(h)fix on Moddb.com! make missing environment textures appear again? - CECK!

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    2. Merek


      Personally, it would take all day for me to download your files otherwise I would!

    3. Circa


      I think he's referring to a fix to his texture mod.

    4. Mr.Zz


      Yes Circa is right :). Some people reported problems with the huge 8192px environment retextures. And of course they are a "bit" overkill. those were downsized, visually improved and compressed much more (visually lossless), so now it should work on any machine + better performance. Oh @Merek and the newest updates range from 20 - 80 MB each :D

  2. new updates to my mod on Moddb.com, fixes, Improvements and more

    1. Jango40


      Was waiting for this, thx for still developing


    2. Mr.Zz


      I will only stop modding when I can't raise my cold, dead hand anymore. :D

  3. Revisiting and improving my texture mod

    1. Angel Soul
    2. Circa
    3. Mr.Zz


      in the meantime you can already visit Moddb.com, newest release is already online there. will upload to jkhub today ;)

  4. Working on update 0.3.1 of the JKA Texture Overhaul - the Sith Valley level!

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    2. Omicron
    3. Circa


      Any progress Zz?

    4. Mr.Zz


      Yes - you can already download it at ModdB, but I would not recommend it, since there is better stuff to come hehehe... ;)

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