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  1. New Hot(h)fix on Moddb.com! make missing environment textures appear again? - CECK!

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    2. Merek


      Personally, it would take all day for me to download your files otherwise I would!

    3. Circa


      I think he's referring to a fix to his texture mod.

    4. Mr.Zz


      Yes Circa is right :). Some people reported problems with the huge 8192px environment retextures. And of course they are a "bit" overkill. those were downsized, visually improved and compressed much more (visually lossless), so now it should work on any machine + better performance. Oh @Merek and the newest updates range from 20 - 80 MB each :D

  2. new updates to my mod on Moddb.com, fixes, Improvements and more

    1. Jango40


      Was waiting for this, thx for still developing


    2. Mr.Zz


      I will only stop modding when I can't raise my cold, dead hand anymore. :D

  3. Revisiting and improving my texture mod

    1. Angel Soul
    2. Circa
    3. Mr.Zz


      in the meantime you can already visit Moddb.com, newest release is already online there. will upload to jkhub today ;)

  4. True, but If parallax mapping works, then every texture will look much more 3-dimensional One would have to recompile the levels to achieve dynamic lighting, right? or is thatnot possible with rend2?
  5. Guys, I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but does this mean I can start reworking/revisiting and improving my Tex Overhaul plus creating parallax and normalmaps and implement them without recompiling levels (at least for MP, SP has to wait, right??) Cheers
  6. Hey guys. I would gladly help in this project, why don't we merge it somehow with my jka retexture?
  7. But do you really need to re-work the textures? I mean the lighting situation of the maps would stay similar, which may fit to the lighting already on the original 2d textures - which would get enhanced to look more realistic when using normal- specular- and parallax mapping, right? Either way it would still be a lot of work though.
  8. Oops. Sorry missed that part! Anyway great project!
  9. Awesome Project! Will OpenJK add Normalmap support? Or- even better - Parallax mapping/displacement mapping?
  10. I too think that criticism is part of all of our creative work. It is essential. Usually a mod is done for the players e.g. other people not yourself, so it is important to listen to their feedback even if it's bad. And that is not easy. It's difficult not to take things personally. I had a small "confrontation" with MoonDog some time ago concerning the Taspir pack of my mod. I hope that didn't leave a rift between us? I read throgh it again recently and it does semm I took things alittle bit personally back then. You definitely had a point with the scratches being overdone and looking som
  11. Oh, ok that's sad news but I surely understand, my time is currently very limited too. I'll probably do that and also implement some textures I already did for other projects, so I will continue my work on JKA and then shift to JKO.
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