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  1. To be honest, I don't care what the big cheeses say. The expanded universe will always be canon to me. I point blank refuse to watch any of the recent star wars films as they were created after EU was considered non-canon, effectively opening up EU lore to be rewritten.
  2. TIL fps caps out at 1000 http://puu.sh/pYbZt/d73bb765f5.png

    1. McGroose


      is this what it feels like


      to ascend


      to godhood

    2. TheWhitePhoenix


      Good god, that SSJG levels of FPS. No...that's SSJB LEVEL! :D

  3. How do I mute statuses? ;o I accidentally posted to a status which wasn't particularly interesting imo and now it keeps getting replied to

    1. Circa


      You can only mute all statuses, not individual ones.

    2. Mr. Dinnertime

      Mr. Dinnertime

      Ah ok.... Will deleting my original comment stop the notifications?

    3. Circa


      Most likely

  4. Well the scripts are specific to makermod so I didn't see any point in releasing them as a file. I asked Didz to release makermodule on JKHub and he said he didn't want it released on here but still said that I could put makermodule on my website and give it to people who needed it :3
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