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  1. Some WIP on my rend2 bespin duel remake. Materials are mostly finished. The untouched parts will be replaced with models (and new materials ofc)


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    2. SomaZ


      @Stoiss this is on a gtx 760, try wz with one of these. Also lots of unused optimization potential right now. :)

    3. Langerd


      I believe that this is only engine issue. Even with the best computer ever spawning 20-30 npcs with r_dynamicglow 1 fps can drop to 30-40. I am not an expert in these type of issues but i believe it is because of engine only

    4. Archangel35757


      @SomaZ Looks great!!! Keep striving...

  2. rend2 and gl2 pbr content is now completely compatible. both pbr workflows work just fine. :)

  3. DF2 Mod Forum is completely public again. ^^

  4. Does the tutorial section actually work for people in the forums? I can't see anything in it. I sense some conspiracy... Maybe again the df2 mod team that has been excluded?

  5. Can I trigger a NPC_spawner with an Icarus Script? Also multiple times?

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    2. SomaZ


      somehow this doesnt work. set the count to 15 for testing, but the trigger_multiple simply doesnt respawn the npc when its dead.

    3. SomaZ
    4. Fire Phoenix

      Fire Phoenix

      Add targetname key for NPC_Spawner for example targetname alora1 and the same NPC_target alora1 also add count -1 and then simply write a script to use alora1

  6. A little sneak preview of the upcoming tutorial. This is in Blender btw. http://i.imgur.com/N2aw0Bl.jpg

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    2. SomaZ
    3. minilogoguy18


      Will you be releasing the code for this for others to make plugins for other softwares? I'd like to make maps in 3D software but not blender.

    4. SomaZ


      There will be no map export. Only import. And a way to export new lightmaps. GI for all the maps!

  7. Working on a nice tutorial and two or three nice releases.

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    2. SomaZ


      Wait until you see what the tutorial is about. Hope there are some people interessted in this.

    3. Ramikad


      Let me guess: crystal mining? :P

      Although you make it sound like it will be about some Powerful Blasted Renderer...

    4. SomaZ


      Kind of, but it won't be GL2 or rend2 exclusive. Well you will see.

  8. Metroid Prime 4 o.O YES, I need a stupid Switch!

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    2. DT85


      How many gangs would you like in your switch good sir? 2? 4?

    3. SomaZ


      6 please.

    4. Onysfx


      I'm not hyped. It could turn out to be an utter failure, like many reboots. I really hope it turns out good.

  9. I can't reply to a single thread in the KotF forum. Heart = broken :'(

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    2. Circa


      lol oops

    3. SomaZ


      Don't get me wrong. Everything works now. :)

    4. DT85
  10. I guess, i'll be back to modding next week. RL hit me so hard, I couldn't even play games. Time to finish some things I started here.

  11. Wow, Galaxy in Turmoil now has an public shop entry in steam. It's happening!

  12. Earth's Special Forces is still alive and looks sexier than ever. :D

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    2. Ramikad


      Wasn't that for Quake 3?

    3. Stoiss


      no it was call bid for power or somthing the q3 mod of DB Z :)

    4. SomaZ


      HF1 mod with awesome graphics. Check it out on moddb.

  13. ESL One Frankfurt was awesome, but OG won again... That's getting boring af.

  14. Has somebody noticed the fan made remake of battlefront 3 "galaxy in turmoil"? Looks promising, but I doubt that disney will make it happen. :(http://frontwirestudios.com/

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    2. Grab


      Yup. No license but Valve let them put it on Steam. Lets see what Disney will do.

    3. swegmaster


      yeah, lets see if disney ruins this too

    4. SomaZ


      They will, I guarantee it.

  15. Happy Towel Day my fellow hitchhikers.

  16. Hm has somebody some spare time to inverse this project? Something like exporting maps from Unity. That would be so awesome. https://github.com/mikezila/uQuake3

  17. Refraction, everything I can think of is refraction ?_?

  18. Trying to understand rend2 melts my brain. I like that ♥

    1. Archangel35757
    2. SomaZ


      Yea, I'm in contact with Xycaleth. So my understanding grows slowly but steady. :)

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