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  1. @staff God you guys still havent done that? Anyways, where is the getting started thread? Maybe in the tutorial section, you should pin a topic like "Getting started" which goes over the structure of the game, the rules of the game (i.e. vert limits etc), what shader syntax it uses, how pk3's are compiled, etc. Just a real lubed up entry for the uninitiated. 

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    2. ChalklYne


      OH it IS in tutorials... just a sub section called general modding. I get it now. hmmm. ive been around this site since its unholy birth, and it took me not only searching for it, but getting help from staff to find it. Ill kick the idea around for a while. Should be front page stuff imo

    3. ChalklYne


      Maybe once someone starts an account, they get a welcome message in their inbox with a quick hello and a link to that sub section?

    4. Lancelot


      @Circa, what do you think about ChalklYne's idea?

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