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  1. Ive loked at a few references of jabba and have no idea how he walks. would you say like a snake? pushing as it bends. does it bend up and down like a bookwork or sideways?

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    2. Noodle


      I think there needs to be more strength coming from his tail's movement. In other references it'd seem that's what pushes him forward and in your animation it looks a bit weaker.

    3. Kualan


      Towards the end of this clip is how they had Hutts propel themselves in the Clone Wars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g956jfBm0VA

    4. ChalklYne


      Thats a really nice reference thank you! I think ill do it like that with a bit less side to side action. The scene right before that with zero is a great reference of upper body thanks again

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