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  1. Last week,when I was looking at the lightsaber, I found a really "small" problems, but it's very awful! Though I delete all the files, It still has the problem. "The saberhilts and the baldes are not in a straight line!" You can see it in the selection menu with the ruler or something straight. Hope someone can fix it!

  2. Nice work! The best saber blade so far! But as you can see there's still some problems with the saber cusp
  3. Can you give the program that canmake skins? Or upload the Anakin in the clone wars?
  4. Nice work face! And you can make the head longer
  5. How can I spawn them in SP , whats the nc s names
  6. The mouse and the eyes should be fuxed:P
  7. At first, Anakins face should be fixed with your own creat. Second, you can ask some master to finish it . Thats all i can say Sorry for my bad garmmar, I am a Chinese, but really hope to see the better face soon!
  8. Face is *PERFECT*, just needs some hair fix. That's all I can say about it. Well done!
  9. I cannot tell you how I wanted this... YOU ARE AWESOME! Maybe you could use a bit more detail on the robot hand, and on the gloves,and maybe the animated one a bit more "detailed" face looking, like this http://vignette2.wik...=20150531234059 and http://a.dilcdn.com/.../01/Anakin3.jpg but man THIS IS FREAKIN' AWESOME! I always wanted to play as the clone wars version! Thank you so much man! It's really decent!!! I have been checking everyday jkhub if some sort of "miracle" would happen regarding this, and here it is!!! Btw here's a video made by me representing the skin + clone wars stances.
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