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  1. THANKS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Like best Anakin Skin so far available in terms of staying true to the animated TCW!
  2. ha Inuyasha, the only japan anime that I liked /like
  3. nice, maybe the mouth need a bit more work like he looks too serious lol but otherwise real good model. Only thing about it, maybe the face should be a bit longer like in the TCW.
  4. Awesome! If we could only get those skins that I sent you a few month ago that clone wars skin Anakin here
  5. So returning back to it's original thread, anybody can help getting the skins to work for him? Would be appreciated
  6. First picture looks a bit ugly on face, idk looks a bit unnatural, like the mouth is like smiling lol idk. But the hooded version actually looks really good, realistic!
  7. I can't stand Kylo Ren either, he is a wannabe Anakin. He get's shrekt by a person virgin to using the force. He's sooo noob.
  8. Anybody could help him?
  9. Same here buddy, until I realized Kota wasn't blinded until TFU, I thought this was the same guy lol
  10. What happened with the Clone Wars Missions ? Good luck with this anyway, clone wars for the win!
  11. Yes I know Cerez it is a lot of work, but all skinning for example the Ahsoka you made probably took a lot of job too and it wasn't ported or rigged. What does not take a lot of work in the world of modelling/skinning? And a breaking news, @@JungAk has found a skin which was ported from the old clone wars game to JKA, and is made to fit right into JKA and it looks absolutely amazing! This proves that there is a chance for a brighter future us waiting! Do not give up the people, it is possible! https://www.dropbox.com/s/dg7y9npzn3pxjt2/cwplo.pk3?dl=0 There is the download link.
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