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  1. I agree, though I'm very new still. Changing existing characters is no problem for me. P.S. Is there a JKhub page where modders can share assets? If the author is okay with it, I could upload some hair packs or other things.
  2. Version 2.0


    Wanted to try and edit Jan's base model a bit and this is how it turned out. Gave her new eyebrows and added some details to her face texture, though some detail was lost because I had to mess around with the normals. Added a new eye texture as well as hair from dscythegeo's Tera Hair Collection. Install: drag and drop zzzzJanReplacementV2.pk3 into GameData/base To play as her in game copy, paste the following command in the in game console: playermodel jan model_default model_default model_default Make sure you do this on a save where you already have a female character, unless you want her to have a male voice. Team support: no (will look into it upon request) Bot support: yes NPC support: yes SP support: yes
  3. I tried 2.79, 2.83 and 2.93 so far. All with the same result
  4. I used 7zip to extract the gamedata folder, and from there I just imported the model.glm into blender using the plugin. I also tried extracting the model folder directly from the assets1.pk3, didn't seem to make a difference. I also tried several versions of blender, just to be sure. Edit: I also tried extracting the model.glm from assets1.pk3 and put it right back in to see if it has something to do with 7zip, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  5. In short, whenever I extract a model from the base game, let's say Jan's model, load the model.glm in blender, export it and put it back in via a seperate pk3, it shows weird lines around the nose. Even if I leave everything unchanged. I tested the base game model, no lines there, but after extracting it, import > export via blender, it creates these lines. example with no lines: example with lines: Does anyone know what causes this?
  6. PadawanST

    Kanan Jarrus

    Version 1.0


    Combined some vanilla assets with MagSul's version of the haplash Anakin head model. (I slightly edited the hair and eye color). I thought it somewhat resembles Kanan Jarrus. To play Kanan in SP simply create a male character (or load a save with a male character) and copy the following command in the console: playermodel kanan_jarrus model_default model_default model_default Installation: drop zzzzkanan_jarrus.pk3 in \GameData\base Full credits go to @MagSul Team support: yes Bot support: yes NPC support: yes SP support: yes Disclaimer: As the original author has stated, you can use this model however you like, so long as you credit the original author.
  7. @JediDevin94 I can have a look at that. She's originally a Zabrak, put I suppose you want her as a human jaden skin?
  8. 520 downloads

    Combined some things from different mods. Credits go to Ruxith for the hair model/texture and to the author of Jedi Zora v3 Because I'm still very noob at this, I made it so that she replaces Jan. If you want to play as her in sp, copy and paste the following line in the console: "playermodel jan model_default model_default model_default". Installation: Drop zzzzJanReplacement.pk3 in your base folder. Bugs: There are a few red pixels around the back of the neck, no idea why but it's not very noticable.
  9. 99 downloads

    I was messing around in blender and came up with this. Edited Galak's face textures to make him appear a bit younger. To play as Galak is sp enter the following line in the console: "playermodel galak model_default model_default model_default" Might be some slight clipping around the neck, but nothing too serious. Installation: Drop zzzzzgalakyoungjedi.pk3 in your base folder.
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