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  1. My gods, what have you guys done to the site? It looks too GenY! It's unresponsive and slow! :oldcry:

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    2. the_raven


      Win7 and Pale Moon browser.

      But I still don't think it's a good design. Instead of comments like on the regular forum, the comments now look like status comments (why?); the user profile has a field that I can only describe as being meant for a background image, but you can't actually assign an image to it; the search function feels kinda wonky; I can't access my own uploads from my own profile like I could with the old layout; and it takes a couple extra steps to set up a status for whatever reason.

    3. Circa


      Sounds like you just don't like change. We even designed it to look as much like the old software as possible. There's a complete overhaul coming down the pipeline that I'm sure you'll hate.

      You'll get used to it. Some things are just in a different spot on the profile page, but it's all still there.

    4. the_raven


      You're right, I do dislike change, especially when I feel like things that aren't broken are suddenly getting fixed. Then again, the stuff I listed don't exactly have to do with my preferences, just with my experience as a user.

      Eh, but I suppose it's pointless to argue. The site works, and you're obviously not gonna change anything based on a single complaint, so I guess we'll just leave it at this.

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