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  1. Hey guys, So while looking through the mods I noticed that there was a troubling lack of Kel Dor mods. Why the kel dor no get love anyway, I think it would be cool to add a couple more mask options (maybe taking inspiration from Sha Koon, Pol Temm, Sha Dun, and Zym's masks?). Also something that might be a little easier is adding a fourth finger. It's just something that bugs me about the game. I think it would work to add a bit more immersion (I know we're talking about JKA, but still lol). Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the links, I use 3ds max too. they helped a lot! so I did what you said, split the weight between the cranium and the eye 50-50, but it didn't help Still have no idea what's going on with this
  3. So I've been trying to figure out the weight tool. when I looked at the weights on the head, it was 100% on cranium. When I try to add 50% to the eye bones the exporter says there are too many vertical 5>4. I've changed a couple of things but nothing seems to give me the desired effect The problem of course is probably that I have no idea what I'm doing lol You've been a big help with, but is there a step by step tutorial for this kind of thing?
  4. Thanks for the help! I'll try doing this tonight
  5. Hey Guys, I'm still very new to modding, and my knowledge of 3ds max is minimal, so forgive the noobish question. I'm working on a head mod, but during the cutscenes when he blinks his eyelids only close half way I know I'm being super nitpicky, but it's something that kind of bothers me. everything else works great, just that one detail. not sure what I did wrong, but I'm positive I did something. If anybody's had this problem before I could use some help. Thanks!
  6. Got this going using a bandana. might add more masks later. http://i.imgur.com/NATeDGX.png
  7. I've got my hands on 3ds max 2015. I get the gist of how things work in the application now. If nobody wants to take this request on (which I understand, it's an obscure request, and a big thing to do for a stranger lol) can somebody point me in the direction of a tutorial for how to edit the character creation models and how to get them in game? I've been looking around but I can't find anything specific to that. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, just started getting back into jedi academy after a loooooong time off. I have been playing The Old Republic and was wondering if anybody would be willing to make a miraluka mod for sp (preferably male). I know this is probably a super simple mod for most people (seeing as a Miraluka is just a human with a cool blindfold over there eyes), but I lack the knowledge to model this myself. I know there are some awesome modders out there. Please help! some images of the kinds of blindfolds that they have https://sageshaven.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/ravelshicho.jpg http://i.ytimg.com/vi/pBsMWWwvoWE/maxresdefault.jpg http://avatars.guildlaunch.net/character_files/15491043/avatar4675.jpg
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