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  1. Great, would you let me use that belt thing? I know its ported, but still you worked to make it usable in JKA, so I think its fair to ask you.
  2. Hello! Can you tell me where the non-Ashura parts of your clones are from (especially that belt thingy on the torso)? I need clone "gadgets" for my clone project, and these objects you used look great, I'd like to use them as well if I can, but still I'd like to avoid using ports from BFII EA.
  3. I know they're working fine with OpenJK, but I'm only interessted in MBII, and as far as I know, I'm crashing when I use those models.
  4. Since you're making characters for MBII @@Scerendo, do you plan to make lower-poly versions for your Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura? Personally, I'd really like to see those characters in MBII without the chance to get a random crash.
  5. There are very few players who can make good quality reskins, most of those who can are usually working on their own projects, probably thats the reason why nobody wrote back. However that head looks so good, that I'd be very happy if you'd release the model, even without additional reskins. Reskins could be added as part of "Kit Fisto 2.0" or something like that.
  6. Something is very odd with the head... maybe its something with the hair, but the head of this model just doesnt look like Harrison Ford... the textures are very nice, but at this point they're just enhancing the odd feeling with the head... at least for me.
  7. I doubt this is a full port, Ruxith said it contains ported parts. The body and the robe looks like HS Anakin's body and robe... if its true, there wont be any problem, because there are a lot of frankeinseined model here on JKHub what contains ported parts from SWToR, and they were accepted... note: it'd be wise to replace the base human hands to Kit Fisto's hands.
  8. Installing Visual C++ 2013 solved the problem, thank you very much for your help.
  9. Hello! I'm trying to use this with Max 2016, copied the GLM_Exporter_2016_x64 .dle and .dli files to the .../3ds Max 2016\plugins folder, but when I launch the Max, it says "DLL <...> failed to initialize. Error code 126 - The specified module could not be found." I'm not an expert of this software, so I dont know its a local problem, or its something with the plug-in. Checked Google, it was advised on forums to install the DX9 files from MS site, but it was already installed, so it didnt solve my problem. If anyone tried to use this with Max 2016, please tell me that is the plug-in working (so its a local problem for me) or not.
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