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  1. oh really? when does luke mention corran in JKA? i've played the campaing countless times, but i've missed that detail
  2. yep, i've tried those i have in vanilla and different ones but no change
  3. Pretty much what the title says, i installed OpenJK a few days ago and the SP works just fine, but when i try with the multiplayer i'm unable to find any server in the list, the thing is that servers do appear in vanilla's JA list, is there any reason for this to happen?
  4. ooooh, ok, i was trying it against regular NPCs and the saber movement of those is very unpredictable and fast
  5. darthpepo1


    any chance of getting this into SP?
  6. it doesn't work well for me, i mean, he does the animation and the mod activates, but it's not like in the vídeo, most of the saber strikes still hit me when i block
  7. MD team after hearing the complains from that ufo dude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWP_1mb2_2o
  8. what program do you use to make the skins? or to port them to jedi academy if they are different programs
  9. Hm strange... but I hope it will work with these commands. Yeah, it worked fine, thanks
  10. oh, thank you , uuum, after checking, i don't have any openjk_sp.cfg file
  11. one question, why have you guys removed the sabermarks on people? it was nice to see the cuts
  12. Hi, i found a bug in the old wounds mission, in the cinematic, instead obi wan at the beginning it spawns maul and i the video never ends, neither i can skip it
  13. i've been playing a bit, and man it feels awesome, i really liked how you made vader, he really feels like him, could you guys release a separate version to use him in a normal jedi academy?
  14. according to the video, are we going to be able to play the normal campaign?
  15. a mod that makes me able to not have to see rosh again? beautiful
  16. are you guys going to implement any kind of way to activate or deactivate dismemberment easily? i'm refering to full dismemberment, not the vanilla one that just let us cut one part and that's it of course
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