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  1. Hello all, For a couple of years now I have been walking around with two ideas for two Total Conversions for Jedi Academy (though it would be great if this could be made in a new engine). Like Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy these would be story driven games in which the player goes through an adventure with elements recognisable from the movies or other Star Wars video games. Making these Total Conversions would be rather difficult, really difficult as it would involve a lot of work for which various people would be needed. Mode makers/animators, programmers, script coders, level designers, people who can make new music and sounds, writers. That sadly puts both these ideas in the realm of the impossible, something even I have to acknowledge. Still I would like to tell other Jedi Knight games fans about what I would loved to have made and shown to you all. Yoda Stories TC for Jedi Academy Many years ago Lucasarts released a number of very small games for Windows that could be played on the desktop screen; Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures, and Star Wars Yoda Stories. Both were two Zelda esque overhead little action-adventure stories but with movement taking place on a grid and very minimal animation. Each time the player started a new game a random story was chosen (I think each game had fifteen possible ones) and a random map with various locations and puzzles was generated. (the various "screens" on the map are not random, being chosen from various pre made ones, but the order in which they are placed is random) The player would have to explore these maps, meet NPCs, fight enemies, locate items that can be used to solve puzzles or exchanged for other items, and would have to find the final location where the story could be completed. I really enjoyed both games despite how small and limited they were in scope and I have been talking with someone I met on a Indiana Jones forum about having Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures turned into a sort of Uncharted/Just Cause open world game that would contain all the mini stories of that game along with new locations such as mini dungeons and towns. This time however it would be a continuous story with some locations not be able to accessed yet until the player has reached that part of the adventure. I sort of imagined the same for Yoda Stories, turning the mini stories into missions such as those in found in the regular Jedi Academy, with plot advancing story segments between the smaller stories. There would be a degree of continuity between the sets of missions. For example, during the first or second set of the mission the player/Luke Skywalker needs to locate and destroy a hidden Imperial factory on a snow world that is producing Stormtrooper droids equipped with powerful blasters. The player will encounter these droids during the mission and will encounter them again in the second and third set of missions as well as in some of the story advancement levels between the mission sets. As Jedi Academy can not randomly generated levels for the stories, and because these in regular Indy Desktop and Yoda Stories were mostly used to fill up the world (the player just goes through these to search for the final item with which the end location can be finished), focus would be on recreating the final location of each stories and expanding on these. For example; in one Yoda Stories mission Luke Skywalker has to destroy a battlestation that is constructed into the airless moon of Varn. To reach the moon the player must get into an Imperial bunker/space port and get access to a Lambda class shuttle which the player uses to travel to Varn undetected/disguised as an Imperial. Rather than travel all over the map to search for an item to get into the bunker (or collect explosives to destroy the station) the player travels directly to the bunker, perhaps picking up the explosives there or from another Imperial base. These maps would also be reimagined to fit Jedi Academy, greatly expanded. Like in regular Yoda Stories the player travels to desert worlds (including Tantooine), forest/water worlds (including Endor), and ice worlds. From there visiting the mentioned battle moon, an Imperial base on yet another planet, and Darth Vader's personal Star Destroyer. The player would encounter familiar characters, species, and droids from the original trilogy as well as some new unique ones such as the mentioned Stormtrooper droids. As in the regular game species like Ewoks, Sand People, and Wampas could be found, and some Ewoks and even Sand People were friendly NPCs some of these would perhaps have to be replaced with new models In one mission for example a group of sand people on a desert planet possessed and worshipped a Sith medallion. These would be replaced with different worshippers. Unlike Yoda Stories this game would have an ending. Darth Vader would have captured Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and C3PO, holding them captive on his personal Star Destroyer after the Millenium Falcon was captured by Darth Vader. After getting onto the ship the player would have to face Boba Fett, Royal Guardsmen, and Darth Vader in the end. (this game is sort of an alternative take on the Original Trilogy, some recognizable elements return such as Han being trapped in Carbonite and being held captive by Jabba the Hutt and the player having to free him. Basically everything after Star Wars A New Hope is now different) KOTOR-Jedi Knight for Jedi Academy I was quite a fan of KOTOR 1 and 2 as I found the world/setting and situation quite a refreshing change after the original trilogy and the related spin-off/expanded universe material, giving the opportunity to tell some different stories that wouldn't work in the Galactic Civil War/New Republic era, showing instead a time period we knew little from outside comics and Star Wars timelines included in Star Wars encyclopedia. Sadly KOTOR2 wasn't as complete/finished as KOTOR1 and it ended with a cliffhanger that basically closed off this era of Star Wars as the "follow up" SWTOR would take place three hundred years later. KOTOR3 sadly got cut because I think Lucasarts was having financial problems. I can't really say that I liked the "answers" in SWTOR that much to lingering questions from KOTOR1 and 2 and what suggestions 2 gave about what the True Sith might be. (I had expected something different than the Sith Empire that we saw in SWTOR). While I do like some of SWTOR's content I do wish it had been completely separate from KOTOR1 and 2, not referring to characters like Revan for example. I think a much better choice for a setting as someone else on reddit suggested would have been during the New Sith Wars. New characters, Sith not related to the Hyperspace War era old Sith. This way there would always have remained room for an eventual KOTOR3 to finished the KOTOR series as its own contained saga. Unfortunate the fates of characters such as Revan, the Exile, HK-47, have now been set, and we know that Vitiate's Sith Empire will not show up for three hundred years, giving the Republic a relative period of peace during which the worlds of known space managed to relatively recover from the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. It is however mentioned in an encyclopedia that there was a Dark Lord active during this period (after the fall of the Sith Triumvirate), if just training a new apprentice. I would like to continue the KOTOR era of SW even if the major plotline of KOTOR2 can not be continued. Instead a new story would be taking place with new characters but with some KOTOR1 and 2 characters returning that remained in Republic space. Perhaps this story was not of such as significant scope of that of KOTOR 1 and 2 or the later SWTOR but it would not be less important as the fate of many worlds and perhaps the Republic itself hangs in the balance again The player would assume of a Jedi Knight who has recently finished his or her training by some of the "Lost Jedi" from KOTOR2 (now Jedi Masters) and he/she is now send out to assist worlds that have asked for aid from the Jedi as well as undertaking jobs for the Republic. During this the player may visit worlds and places we have seen in KOTOR1 and 2 and new places. NPCs, creatures, and enemies would include ones returning from KOTOR1 and 2, enemies of course now modified to function in a FPS games. These would included hostile creatures, bandits, pirates, Exchange enforcers, robots, Mandalorians, and also remnants of the Sith Empire that Revan build prior to KOTOR1. Not all remaining regular Sith troopers, technicians, pilots, and officers sided with the Sith Triumvirate, or they survived the fall of the Triumvirate. Perhaps not willing to give up the cause, or not able to return to the Republic, or going native on any world these Sith military have sided with one of the few remaining Sith Lords/Ladies in Republic space, trying to continue the war against the Republic in what small ways they can (they are pretty much like the Imperial Remnant now) They are perhaps now working on a last attempt to make the Republic fall and destroy the still weak new Jedi Order. The player would perhaps visit a world still under control of the Sith military or one of their bases. Most if not all of JA's content would be replaced with content based on that found in KOTOR1 and 2 and expanding on that with new NPCs, creatures, robots, architecture and of course new animation, music, sound effects. As all of you can read, these are projects that require a lot of resources that probably only a game developer studio could provide. I hope by being able to tell about all of this that I can finally get it out of my mind and accept that I will never be able to play either.
  2. I really wish that there had been some games set during the new Sith Wars era. Except for a handful of comics and books, most of these being at the end when the Sith (or was it Dark) Brotherhood was destroyed, we know little of this era. And this was a period during which the Republic was under threat of being wiped out. I know that sounds a little contradicting, see that I had been talking earlier about that I am sometimes tired about there always being some big war going on during a lot of the games, stories, etc, but this is an era we never really got to see. I would be fine with any games set between the major wars that focus on personal stories.
  3. Definitely can understand that one, the writers should really have him build more up before the final confrontation. What ideas would you have had to really make him a threat but still have him be an enemy that can be defeated during a fight? I share the same sentiments even when I don't watch the Mandalorian series. I enjoyed the Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley for the same reason, just Han and Chewie and some friends/allies having adventures around the galaxy. There is a place for a galactic war but Star Wars in general relied way too much on this as a background plot device and as a result it became a very tired thing. I am trying to describe why a galactic war may make a good backdrop for action stories but sometimes less so for personal stories but I find that a bit difficult to back up with good arguments as it is not entirely true. I just remain of the opinion that a galactic war sweeping the Star Wars galaxy is overused. In KOTOR2 the shadow threat directly towards the player was much more interesting.
  4. I don't mind the plot device of Darth Nihilus being able to consume the life of entire worlds through the Force. It wasn't really a super weapon, it showed how powerful the Force can be, but also in my opinion made clear that Darth Nihilus was not human and more something like an Eldritch horror in the shape of a man. I really liked some of the alternative ideas some people had for Nihilus, one of them for example being that he/it was the Dark side ghost of a dead world, now feeding on other worlds to fill its own emptiness. Perhaps a bit too fantastic even for Star Wars but it would have put him on a whole different level of antagonist which he technically already is. My main annoyance was that Drew Karpyshyn kind of stole this for the Sith Emperor/Vitiate. So it wasn't Nihilus feeding on worlds but this character in order to become a god. Yep, as I mentioned before the storyline was a lot more low key and personal. The player and the party could get involved in situations such as the Dantooine civilian militia vs the mercenaries, the Civil War on Onderon between Queen Talia and the general, but there was no major galactic war taking place in the background. Rather the Republic and its worlds seeking to rebuild after going through a very destructive war while after effects of that such as displaced refugees, unemployed veterans and a collapse of the economy plague it. Star Wars Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Jedi Academy are not really major conflicts either. Sure, Desann, Fyyar, and the Shadowtroopers could become a threat to the Republic if not stopped, as could Tavion and her Disciples of Ragnos be if they succeed in reviving Ragnos, but these are all more smaller conflicts.
  5. Hello Circa, Sorry for the late response. There you mention some of the things I feel that did not help make SWTOR an interesting Star Wars game on its own. How some of these campaign storylines went, exaggerated story telling as you described it. But also a rehash of a lot of elements from the Original Trilogy time period. Sometimes I felt that SWTOR, at least the base game had to many plot lines and plot devices we had already seen before in the rest of the old EU. And also the large amount of them, being throw so rapidly one after another. The plot device of super weapons really went into overdrive. Now I do not hate stories involving superweapons as long as they are told well and it is done sparingly. But as you said, if people remembered that these devices had been around and been used during an interstellar war that affected most of the galaxy, or it was recorded in historical records the creation of the Death Star and what is was capable off would hardly concidered to be something new. Sure there has not been a planet destroying super weapon in a “while” galactic history speaking but there have been quite some of them, and not all needed a moon sized mobile space station. Even Dark Troopers are old news as the old Republic’s military had been working on super soldiers that can even take on Jedi and Sith. I enjoyed that KOTOR2 moved away from this, being for the most part a more low key experience for the player character until the battle of Telos during which our earlier decisions and actions play an important role in a major confrontation between the Republic and Sith remnant. The major battle feels more exciting because it is a rare thing and there is a build up towards it.
  6. I am very selective when it comes to the old EU of Star Wars as I do agree with some people that for every good story, game, or idea, there were dozens of average or even bad ones. One of my frustrations sometimes was with the EU were the retcons or trying to connect unrelated things to another which the Lucas groups did in, apparently with the idea that this would make the universe more "fit" together. It meant that sometimes good ideas were tied into very bad ones such as Admirla Fyyar and Desann were suddenly connected to Hethir's Empire Reborn from Star Wars the Crystal Star. While there was very ridiculous stuff that was clearly aimed at a younger audience, material intended for teens and older became so increasingly serious that a lot of the imagination and possibilities of the SW universe became lost, especially when it became more about war or what seemed to be the eternal conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. Star Wars was more than just that. For me my favorite period is the Galactic Civil War and the New Republic Era, and slightly before ANH. I also liked the KOTOR game era but TOR not so much (various recycled plotlines and plot devices), and I thought the New Sith Wars era (Knight Errant) held some promise. The Dawn of the Jedi era had potential but it was quickly finished up.
  7. Guess Thrawn's scientists must have been cloning him. BTW wasn't there some plot in the books that included Jaden Korr that he was a clone? I know there was a clone of him made by the Empire but I could not understand why the Empire would clone Korr when Thrawn's campaign took place when Korr was just a nobody.
  8. Out of curiosity, has anyone here read the Dark Forces book adaptations? What do people who have read them think of them? Should there also have been a book adaptation of Mysteries of the Sith? I know it is kind of difficult as the campaign was rather disjointed. For that matter, should there have been book adaptations of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy (the game, not the existing trilogy)
  9. Well one of the criticisms I kept coming across in reviews was that Corran felt to much like a Gary Stu in this story and the writing of Stackpole himself; how he writes the sentences. My main criticism towards Stackpole has often been that he sometimes does too many continuity nods to other SW writer's work such as to Zahn to the point that I sometimes wonder if the man had any ideas of his own, and that his world building was of such a lower "scale" or degree of quality than that of Zahn. Okay, he primarily wrote "war" stories as the tales of Rogue Squadron left little room for different type of adventures the "main heroes" had, they are pilots and Rebel/New Republic personnel and not adventurers. Still I would like to have Star Wars I, Jedi because I already have most of the X Wing books. I am a bit more reluctant however to get KJA's Jedi Academy trilogy (for one the Sun Crusher). Same kind of goes for a lot of other books set during the New Republic era such as the whole Callista trilogy, the Correllian trilogy, the Black Fleet crisis, the New Rebellion, the Truce at Bakura, the Courtship of Princess Leia. Bantam's SW releases were so mixed in quality. Outside Zahn's, Stackpole, and Allston's works the only material in this period which I care about is Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy (the game). BTW a shame that there never was an X Wing or Tie Fighter game set during this period. I like YA books in general, even if they are written for a young audience it doesn't mean that an adult can't enjoy them. But I am a bit burned out on the Jedi to be honest. I do know that they have a bit more of the adventure element which I described before which I find appealing. My favorite era has always been the Galactic Civil War/New Republic era and I have been sort of trying to ignore everything that came before it to preserve the "mystery" of that period, and because there is some stuff in it I just don't like. Exception is the KOTOR games, and perhaps the Dawn of the Jedi era and the New Sith Wars/Knight Errant era. I would like to have seen some more stories taking place during the New Sith Wars and a couple of games.
  10. Hello all, I don't need to tell about the old Expanded Universe that existed prior to Disney buying the Star Wars franchise and discarding the old canon and the reasons why. My question is if there are still people who read the old Expanded Universe books, perhaps even still buy them. I rediscovered the Star Wars EU through Star Wars comics by Dark Horse that were sold cheap at a bookstore specialized in selling old stock for low prices though I did know that the Star Wars franchise was being continued again since the early 90s (I had heard of Thrawn and I had bought Star Wars Dark Forces), I bought these comics I think around 1995 or 1996. While I did buy a lot of the comics it would be years later before I decided to get some of the books such as the Thrawn trilogy, Hand of Thrawn duology, the X Wing books, the Young Jedi Knights, and the last Star Wars books that I bought were the Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley. My experience with the books of the old EU is rather mixed. This might sound a bit of blasphemy perhaps for the more hardcore SW fans (confession, I am more of a ST fan but I do like old Star Wars) but I really do not care for the majority of the books, especially the ones that focus a lot on war such as the New Jedi Order books or books set during the Clone Wars, or stories about Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader or Obi Wan. The Thrawn books (in particular the first three) and the X Wing books were of course focused a lot on war and while I do enjoy those, Zahn more than Stackpole though because of his ideas and style of writing, what I rather missed in a lot of Star Wars books is a sense of adventure. Sometimes the world building also felt a bit limited as if the writers were afraid of breaking the setting. In that regard I enjoyed the Han Solo books by Brian Daley a lot more, less focus on politics and war, more... hmm would "swashbuckling" be the right description? Oh and before I forget which I also rather enjoy for a change, no Jedi or Sith, just Han Solo and Chewbacca going around having adventures in the hope of striking it rich while dealing with pirates, slavers, mercenaries, and the Corporate Sector Authority. I really wish Brian Daley had written more Han Solo books at the time. They might be a bit simple compared to what came later but they did a lot of world building. While most of my interested in Star Wars has waned since Disney bought the IP (interest in Star Trek has waned as well due to almost similar reasons) I still occasionally think about picking up some Star Wars books that I did read but never owned or have never read and owned. On my list are; Classic Star Wars by Archie Goodwin and All Williamson. Same would go for Star Wars the Early Adventures by Russ Manning. I believe the IDW collections include all the Sunday newspaper strips as well. Star Wars X Wing Rogue Squadron comics by Dark Horse (I have most of the books so I would like the comics to complete it) Star Wars Galaxy of Fear and Junior Jedi Knights (I know these books are for kids but I rather liked Galaxy of Fear) I, Jedi (people's opinions on this book seem rather mixed) And I wonder if the Tales of... books are worth reading
  11. Hello all, While probably most of us who have come into the science fiction genre and have become fan of it have probably started through franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate perhaps, or any other television or movies, others have probably dipped into through media such as books, comics, and of course video games. (oh lets not forget painting and music) For a long time when it came to science fiction I just stuck with what I was familiar with, the three "Star" series, some other series, some movie, games and and a handful of comics not based on any franchise. But eventually I decided to get out of what I was familiar with and check out the science fiction genre in general, not just science fiction that had to do with spaceships, aliens, robots etc, but also just science fiction in general; ideas about possible future development and impact on society and the human condition. I decided to check out the works of writers that preceded the rise of the "Star" franchises such as Heinlein, Asimov, Niven, Vernor Vinge and more contemporary writers. While some of the material was a bit unclear to me because of the language barrier (my native language is not English), or technical terms or requiring an understanding of some fields of science that I lack I did start to read a lot of stories from the Golden, Silver, "Bronze" (?) age of science fiction. Some of it was quite out of date because science and our knowledge had progressed such as on technologies, conditions on other planets, or the stories suffered because the writing was from an earlier period and characters were sometimes very two dimensional. Still I did enjoy quite a lot of these works and it did help reinvigorate my interest in science fiction when my usual avenues for this interest began to disappoint; Star Trek took a noose dive for me with Enterprise and has continued to be on the decline in general, Star Wars which is technically more space opera lost its appear to me with the prequels. Stargate's Atlantis felt like a rather weak SG-1 clone sometimes and I could not be bothered with Universe, once popular movie franchises got bad sequels/prequels/reboots, and others here may feel the same regarding most Hollywood science fiction movies of today being of general poor content. What I would like to ask is, are there also people here that next to being "Star" franchise fans also enjoy science fiction in general? Like the mentioned books or comics that do not tie into any existing franchise? I could make a list of media that I liked but I would like to see first what other posts people will make.
  12. Hello people, Some of you who are very familiar with or knowledgeable about Lucasarts' catalogue of games will remember that during the 90s between their major releases they also published a couple of small sized games based on the Indiana Jones franchise and later the Star Wars franchise; Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures and Star Wars Yoda Stories. These games were meant as something to do during a break or when one had to fill some time between appointments and they were primarily meant as competitors to Windows included games such as Solitaire. They were very simple Zelda esque games but a bit more static regarding animation but could provide quite a lengthy campaign complete with storylines that fitted both franchises. Sadly the big review mags and websites at the time treated both as if they were big releases that were to compete with Lucasarts other games and other big games and got rather negative reviews because of that. Something that was rather undeserved as the games did not even cost as much such as a title like Tie Fighter. I still like these little games and and to this day occasionally play them, though I do take long breaks between periods that I play them as they can become too repetitive. Despite being very simple the graphics had a charm of their own as I really liked some of the backgrounds in either games and while not very complex the little storylines have stuck with me. Are there any people here who also liked either of these games? On an Indiana Jones forum I have been talking with another poster on how I would like it if Indy Desktop was remade but now as a higher budget title with an open world environment and recreating the quests from the original game in this, expanding it here and there to fit a larger game. My contact and two of his friends now are working on a demo that try to recreate at least one of those quests. Eventually I would also like to open a topic about Yoda Stories here in the appropriate sub forum and how I think it could be remade in in the Jedi Academy engine, using the mission setup for the fifteen missions of that game and the minor missions on Dagobah in between.
  13. Reviving an old topic. A couple of my own favorite games developed by Raven Software outside Jedi Knight games would be Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. Elite Force 2 looked visually better and also had some nice gameplay additions but it was content wise not as good as the first game in my opinion. I really wish that Raven had made some genuine expansion packs for it than that Virtual Tour and had made the sequel, keeping the series set during Voyager. The other is Wolfenstein 2009. While it cut back on some of the scope and features of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and included what many consider a console user friendly feature; regenerative health, I really enjoyed how Wolfenstein continued on the atmosphere set in RTCW; a combination of Indiana Jones daring do and Hellboy's Science! and Ghostapo Nazis whose plans Blazkowicz has to foil. The storyline has a good amount of action and adventure without becoming to dramatic or grungy and I shall say it overdone and Tarantino esque like the follow up games would be, the New Order, and the New Colossus. The Old Blood was barely anything like RTCW and Wolf '09. The main limitation about that game was the size IMO and the number of levels. I really wanted maps such as the city, the castle, and the airfield to be much bigger and to have more because by the time I really got deep into it it was already over. I was a bit sad to hear that communication between the developers and the fans during the development was not very good.
  14. Some of you have very interesting personal stories that I would like to go through but at the moment I will be focusing on my own. I have lost my interest in Star Wars a long time ago, probably way before many of you did. For me it was around the time of the Prequels. Now I have to admit that I was a bit biased and had expectations of how the prequels would be like, especially after I knew about the Thrawn saga. I had hoped that that the Clone Masters which Zahn introduced were the main antagonists and that we would see Z95-Headhunters, Victory class star destroyers and Dreadnoughts, and that Anakin Skywalker would be revealed to be a young Republic navy starfighter pilot. Of course this could never happen but still I was not happy when Anakin was introduced and that we had Tantooine appear yet again. (for a backwater planet a lot of galaxy altering events take place here or individuals come from it). What stories we did get in the Prequel Trilogy was not much to my taste as I felt that the movies pandered to much to children with silly characters and antics. I always felt that the movies should primarily to teens, young adults, and up. I also found some of the dialogue really cringe worthy. The Clone Wars despite playing an important role in the movie sage were just not my thing and as there was more and more focus on this part of Star Wars I started to drift away from it, looking into older Star Wars material. At the time I had already been reading some of the comics Dark Horse had been publishing including the Classic Star Wars re releases and of course the Thrawn trilogy comic variations and I played games like the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games and Yoda Stories. Sadly I could never get into X Wing and Tie Fighter (I own X Wing Alliance but have never played it) I now started to look into other pre 1999 material such as the West End RPG modules and other books. I am actually kind of disappointed that I checked out the Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley only a few years ago instead of a decade or fifteen years ago. Good thing they still hold up. I am kind of curious now about the non official Hungarian Han Solo books that according to Hungarian readers are just as good as the Brian Daley ones.. (they were published by a Hungarian publisher that was holding the Star Wars book license and who made use of a loophole in the contract) The two Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games were sort of the last Star Wars gasps for me, these days whenever I read or play Star Wars it is usual more than a decade or two old, or even older. What does Star Wars mean for me? Well I did grew up watching the movies during my pre teens, several years after Return of the Jedi had already been released, and while I loved the movies for the adventure and the action and the space battles it did not have such an impact on me as it had on some of the people here, for example regarding spirituality. Actually I have always been more of a Trekker (I know fighting words here on this forum) than a Warser but I always respected Star Wars for the entertainment it brought and I always wished that Star Trek was as well supported regarding merchandise and video games like Star Wars was. Star Trek has some good stuff of its own now but not in the quantities of classic Star Wars. I have watched Star Wars The Force Awakens and Rogue One together with my sister who did watch the original movies in the theaters but I have always been a more hardcore nerd than her and my brother who never were that interested in the franchise other than the movies. Edit: the franchise, both old and new does suffer from being somewhat formulaic. A lot of storylines being about the Jedi or the Sith, and before that the various Imperial Remnants and the occasional super weapon. The Old Republic sometimes seems to be that on steroids.
  15. Yeah sadly And I still do not feel like my age. Perhaps I never will.
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