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  1. Out of curiosity, has anyone here read the Dark Forces book adaptations? What do people who have read them think of them? Should there also have been a book adaptation of Mysteries of the Sith? I know it is kind of difficult as the campaign was rather disjointed. For that matter, should there have been book adaptations of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy (the game, not the existing trilogy)
  2. Well one of the criticisms I kept coming across in reviews was that Corran felt to much like a Gary Stu in this story and the writing of Stackpole himself; how he writes the sentences. My main criticism towards Stackpole has often been that he sometimes does too many continuity nods to other SW writer's work such as to Zahn to the point that I sometimes wonder if the man had any ideas of his own, and that his world building was of such a lower "scale" or degree of quality than that of Zahn. Okay, he primarily wrote "war" stories as the tales of Rogue Squadron left little room for different type of adventures the "main heroes" had, they are pilots and Rebel/New Republic personnel and not adventurers. Still I would like to have Star Wars I, Jedi because I already have most of the X Wing books. I am a bit more reluctant however to get KJA's Jedi Academy trilogy (for one the Sun Crusher). Same kind of goes for a lot of other books set during the New Republic era such as the whole Callista trilogy, the Correllian trilogy, the Black Fleet crisis, the New Rebellion, the Truce at Bakura, the Courtship of Princess Leia. Bantam's SW releases were so mixed in quality. Outside Zahn's, Stackpole, and Allston's works the only material in this period which I care about is Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy (the game). BTW a shame that there never was an X Wing or Tie Fighter game set during this period. I like YA books in general, even if they are written for a young audience it doesn't mean that an adult can't enjoy them. But I am a bit burned out on the Jedi to be honest. I do know that they have a bit more of the adventure element which I described before which I find appealing. My favorite era has always been the Galactic Civil War/New Republic era and I have been sort of trying to ignore everything that came before it to preserve the "mystery" of that period, and because there is some stuff in it I just don't like. Exception is the KOTOR games, and perhaps the Dawn of the Jedi era and the New Sith Wars/Knight Errant era. I would like to have seen some more stories taking place during the New Sith Wars and a couple of games.
  3. Hello all, I don't need to tell about the old Expanded Universe that existed prior to Disney buying the Star Wars franchise and discarding the old canon and the reasons why. My question is if there are still people who read the old Expanded Universe books, perhaps even still buy them. I rediscovered the Star Wars EU through Star Wars comics by Dark Horse that were sold cheap at a bookstore specialized in selling old stock for low prices though I did know that the Star Wars franchise was being continued again since the early 90s (I had heard of Thrawn and I had bought Star Wars Dark Forces), I bought these comics I think around 1995 or 1996. While I did buy a lot of the comics it would be years later before I decided to get some of the books such as the Thrawn trilogy, Hand of Thrawn duology, the X Wing books, the Young Jedi Knights, and the last Star Wars books that I bought were the Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley. My experience with the books of the old EU is rather mixed. This might sound a bit of blasphemy perhaps for the more hardcore SW fans (confession, I am more of a ST fan but I do like old Star Wars) but I really do not care for the majority of the books, especially the ones that focus a lot on war such as the New Jedi Order books or books set during the Clone Wars, or stories about Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader or Obi Wan. The Thrawn books (in particular the first three) and the X Wing books were of course focused a lot on war and while I do enjoy those, Zahn more than Stackpole though because of his ideas and style of writing, what I rather missed in a lot of Star Wars books is a sense of adventure. Sometimes the world building also felt a bit limited as if the writers were afraid of breaking the setting. In that regard I enjoyed the Han Solo books by Brian Daley a lot more, less focus on politics and war, more... hmm would "swashbuckling" be the right description? Oh and before I forget which I also rather enjoy for a change, no Jedi or Sith, just Han Solo and Chewbacca going around having adventures in the hope of striking it rich while dealing with pirates, slavers, mercenaries, and the Corporate Sector Authority. I really wish Brian Daley had written more Han Solo books at the time. They might be a bit simple compared to what came later but they did a lot of world building. While most of my interested in Star Wars has waned since Disney bought the IP (interest in Star Trek has waned as well due to almost similar reasons) I still occasionally think about picking up some Star Wars books that I did read but never owned or have never read and owned. On my list are; Classic Star Wars by Archie Goodwin and All Williamson. Same would go for Star Wars the Early Adventures by Russ Manning. I believe the IDW collections include all the Sunday newspaper strips as well. Star Wars X Wing Rogue Squadron comics by Dark Horse (I have most of the books so I would like the comics to complete it) Star Wars Galaxy of Fear and Junior Jedi Knights (I know these books are for kids but I rather liked Galaxy of Fear) I, Jedi (people's opinions on this book seem rather mixed) And I wonder if the Tales of... books are worth reading
  4. Hello all, While probably most of us who have come into the science fiction genre and have become fan of it have probably started through franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate perhaps, or any other television or movies, others have probably dipped into through media such as books, comics, and of course video games. (oh lets not forget painting and music) For a long time when it came to science fiction I just stuck with what I was familiar with, the three "Star" series, some other series, some movie, games and and a handful of comics not based on any franchise. But eventually I decided to get out of what I was familiar with and check out the science fiction genre in general, not just science fiction that had to do with spaceships, aliens, robots etc, but also just science fiction in general; ideas about possible future development and impact on society and the human condition. I decided to check out the works of writers that preceded the rise of the "Star" franchises such as Heinlein, Asimov, Niven, Vernor Vinge and more contemporary writers. While some of the material was a bit unclear to me because of the language barrier (my native language is not English), or technical terms or requiring an understanding of some fields of science that I lack I did start to read a lot of stories from the Golden, Silver, "Bronze" (?) age of science fiction. Some of it was quite out of date because science and our knowledge had progressed such as on technologies, conditions on other planets, or the stories suffered because the writing was from an earlier period and characters were sometimes very two dimensional. Still I did enjoy quite a lot of these works and it did help reinvigorate my interest in science fiction when my usual avenues for this interest began to disappoint; Star Trek took a noose dive for me with Enterprise and has continued to be on the decline in general, Star Wars which is technically more space opera lost its appear to me with the prequels. Stargate's Atlantis felt like a rather weak SG-1 clone sometimes and I could not be bothered with Universe, once popular movie franchises got bad sequels/prequels/reboots, and others here may feel the same regarding most Hollywood science fiction movies of today being of general poor content. What I would like to ask is, are there also people here that next to being "Star" franchise fans also enjoy science fiction in general? Like the mentioned books or comics that do not tie into any existing franchise? I could make a list of media that I liked but I would like to see first what other posts people will make.
  5. Hello people, Some of you who are very familiar with or knowledgeable about Lucasarts' catalogue of games will remember that during the 90s between their major releases they also published a couple of small sized games based on the Indiana Jones franchise and later the Star Wars franchise; Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures and Star Wars Yoda Stories. These games were meant as something to do during a break or when one had to fill some time between appointments and they were primarily meant as competitors to Windows included games such as Solitaire. They were very simple Zelda esque games but a bit more static regarding animation but could provide quite a lengthy campaign complete with storylines that fitted both franchises. Sadly the big review mags and websites at the time treated both as if they were big releases that were to compete with Lucasarts other games and other big games and got rather negative reviews because of that. Something that was rather undeserved as the games did not even cost as much such as a title like Tie Fighter. I still like these little games and and to this day occasionally play them, though I do take long breaks between periods that I play them as they can become too repetitive. Despite being very simple the graphics had a charm of their own as I really liked some of the backgrounds in either games and while not very complex the little storylines have stuck with me. Are there any people here who also liked either of these games? On an Indiana Jones forum I have been talking with another poster on how I would like it if Indy Desktop was remade but now as a higher budget title with an open world environment and recreating the quests from the original game in this, expanding it here and there to fit a larger game. My contact and two of his friends now are working on a demo that try to recreate at least one of those quests. Eventually I would also like to open a topic about Yoda Stories here in the appropriate sub forum and how I think it could be remade in in the Jedi Academy engine, using the mission setup for the fifteen missions of that game and the minor missions on Dagobah in between.
  6. Reviving an old topic. A couple of my own favorite games developed by Raven Software outside Jedi Knight games would be Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. Elite Force 2 looked visually better and also had some nice gameplay additions but it was content wise not as good as the first game in my opinion. I really wish that Raven had made some genuine expansion packs for it than that Virtual Tour and had made the sequel, keeping the series set during Voyager. The other is Wolfenstein 2009. While it cut back on some of the scope and features of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and included what many consider a console user friendly feature; regenerative health, I really enjoyed how Wolfenstein continued on the atmosphere set in RTCW; a combination of Indiana Jones daring do and Hellboy's Science! and Ghostapo Nazis whose plans Blazkowicz has to foil. The storyline has a good amount of action and adventure without becoming to dramatic or grungy and I shall say it overdone and Tarantino esque like the follow up games would be, the New Order, and the New Colossus. The Old Blood was barely anything like RTCW and Wolf '09. The main limitation about that game was the size IMO and the number of levels. I really wanted maps such as the city, the castle, and the airfield to be much bigger and to have more because by the time I really got deep into it it was already over. I was a bit sad to hear that communication between the developers and the fans during the development was not very good.
  7. Some of you have very interesting personal stories that I would like to go through but at the moment I will be focusing on my own. I have lost my interest in Star Wars a long time ago, probably way before many of you did. For me it was around the time of the Prequels. Now I have to admit that I was a bit biased and had expectations of how the prequels would be like, especially after I knew about the Thrawn saga. I had hoped that that the Clone Masters which Zahn introduced were the main antagonists and that we would see Z95-Headhunters, Victory class star destroyers and Dreadnoughts, and that Anakin Skywalker would be revealed to be a young Republic navy starfighter pilot. Of course this could never happen but still I was not happy when Anakin was introduced and that we had Tantooine appear yet again. (for a backwater planet a lot of galaxy altering events take place here or individuals come from it). What stories we did get in the Prequel Trilogy was not much to my taste as I felt that the movies pandered to much to children with silly characters and antics. I always felt that the movies should primarily to teens, young adults, and up. I also found some of the dialogue really cringe worthy. The Clone Wars despite playing an important role in the movie sage were just not my thing and as there was more and more focus on this part of Star Wars I started to drift away from it, looking into older Star Wars material. At the time I had already been reading some of the comics Dark Horse had been publishing including the Classic Star Wars re releases and of course the Thrawn trilogy comic variations and I played games like the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games and Yoda Stories. Sadly I could never get into X Wing and Tie Fighter (I own X Wing Alliance but have never played it) I now started to look into other pre 1999 material such as the West End RPG modules and other books. I am actually kind of disappointed that I checked out the Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley only a few years ago instead of a decade or fifteen years ago. Good thing they still hold up. I am kind of curious now about the non official Hungarian Han Solo books that according to Hungarian readers are just as good as the Brian Daley ones.. (they were published by a Hungarian publisher that was holding the Star Wars book license and who made use of a loophole in the contract) The two Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games were sort of the last Star Wars gasps for me, these days whenever I read or play Star Wars it is usual more than a decade or two old, or even older. What does Star Wars mean for me? Well I did grew up watching the movies during my pre teens, several years after Return of the Jedi had already been released, and while I loved the movies for the adventure and the action and the space battles it did not have such an impact on me as it had on some of the people here, for example regarding spirituality. Actually I have always been more of a Trekker (I know fighting words here on this forum) than a Warser but I always respected Star Wars for the entertainment it brought and I always wished that Star Trek was as well supported regarding merchandise and video games like Star Wars was. Star Trek has some good stuff of its own now but not in the quantities of classic Star Wars. I have watched Star Wars The Force Awakens and Rogue One together with my sister who did watch the original movies in the theaters but I have always been a more hardcore nerd than her and my brother who never were that interested in the franchise other than the movies. Edit: the franchise, both old and new does suffer from being somewhat formulaic. A lot of storylines being about the Jedi or the Sith, and before that the various Imperial Remnants and the occasional super weapon. The Old Republic sometimes seems to be that on steroids.
  8. Yeah sadly And I still do not feel like my age. Perhaps I never will.
  9. Hello people, I am TDG, an abbreviation for The Dutch Ghost (rather boring story how I came up with that nickname), I would like to introduce myself on this forum. I'm a Jedi Knight fan from the Netherlands. I started playing the series back in the 90s some time after the first Dark Forces came out (it was already on budget re release). When Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight was announced I eagerly awaited for it and later on its expansion pack Mysteries of the Sith. Since then I have been pretty loyal to the series, picking up Jedi Knight Outcast and Jedi Academy as soon as they were released. Sadly it took a while before I could properly play it due to my older computer. I respect Dark Forces Jedi Knight for what it did for the series but my favorites remain Outcast and Academy. As for the rest of the Star Wars universe, I am rather selective on what I like and what I do not like. Going to be honest I am not a fan of the Prequel trilogy or the Disney movies and regarding the EU, most of the material I like is from before the Phantom Menace was released with the exception of the Jedi Knight games and the two KOTOR games. For a long time the Thrawn Trilogy books were the standard by which I judged EU material but I am starting to see the flaws in that. Still it is a pretty good SW book series Sadly I am not a modder, I never took the time or had the patience to learn a skill despite that I really would like to make games including mods for other games. I primarily found out about this site through my friend NumberWan's project The Dark Pastime. I will probably post in the topics regarding lore and ideas as I sadly don't have any technical knowledge that could be helpful to anyone.
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