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ForceMod v1 Beta

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About This File

Author: Azymn





Level 4 Force Powers now available.

Cvars added to regulate size-scaled effects.

Team Assault Jetpack included (see bottom for links and more information)

Expansion on JediMod 1.2 platform.





Changes to Force Powers/Level 4 Powers added:


Heal: Level 1:- Heals 10 points of damage.

Level 2:- Heals 20 points of damage.

Level 3:- Heals 35 points of damage.

Level 4:- Heals 45 points of damage.

- Regenerates 1 hitpoint every 2 seconds.


Jump: Level 3:- Jump 8x normal height.

- 2/5 normal force cost in flight.

- Falling damage reduced to 1/2.

Level 4:- Jump 16x normal height.

- Jumps costs are minimal while in flight.

- Falling damage reduced to 1/4.


Speed: - Short, powerful burst of speed for 5 seconds [stellarwinds's JediStyle idea]

Level 1:- Sprint at 1.5x normal speed

Level 2:- Sprint at 2.5x normal speed

Level 3:- Sprint at 5x normal speed

Level 4:- Sprint at 10x normal speed

- Normal running speed is increased 10%.



Level 4:- Increased push strength over level 3.

- Knockdown range increased by 50%.

- Greater push resistance.

- Chance to break saberlock increased.


Level 4:- Increased pull strength over level 3.

- Pulldown range increased by 50%.

- Greater pull resistance.


MindTrick: - Now Force Seeing will only reveal invisible jedi of equal or lesser rank.

(i.e. If a Jedi has cast level 2 mindtrick, it requires at least level 2 Force Seeing to reveal him) [Artifex]

Level 4:- Can attack while cloaked - each attack costs force points.

- Duration increased to 40 seconds.


Grip: - Can turn off red grip hand extension

Level 4:- Can move around at 80% normal speed while gripping. (Normally %40)

- Grip range increased to 2x normal.

- Damage per second doubled.


Lightning: - Slight decrease in range [Artifex]

Level 4:- Lightning mastery - other lightning attacks are absorbed into force power.

- Range increased by 10%.

- Fresh corpses now shockable on Level 4.


Rage: - Run speed is 150% of normal speed.

- Increased lightsaber damage done by 25%.

Level 4:- Increased lightsaber damage done by 50%.

- Run speed further increased to 200% normal speed.

- Duration of 40 seconds.


Protect:- Now consumes force only when hit. [stellarwinds's JediStyle idea]

Level 4:- 85% damage absorbed for 15% force cost.

- Regenerates shields at a rate of 1 point every 4 seconds.


Absorb: - Force maintenance costs are like v1.02 levels [Artifex]

Level 4:- Absorbs 25% more force than level 3.

- Absorbs and converts 25% of weapon damage into force.



Level 4:- Heal 1, 2, or 3 teammates for 65, 45, or 33 hitpoints.

- Regenerate 1 health every 3 seconds.



Level 4:- Restore 1, 2, or 3 teammates with 65, 45, or 33 force points.

- Regenerate 3 additional force points per second.



Level 4:- Drains ~20% more than level 3 drain.

- Drains ammo from any energy weapons in use.



Level 4:- Cost 50% less to activate.

- Duration increased 40 seconds.

- Automatically dodge sniper shots without ForceSeeing on (even while jumping, using force powers, or firing weapons)



Level 4:- Damage increased by 15% for all stances

- Animation speed for all stances increased by %5

- All stances available for dualblade or dualsaber users if f_skillMode is on



Level 4:- Blocking ratios increased by 50% for all stances.

- Animation speed for all stances increased by %5

- Quicker projectile blocking rate.



Level 4:- Saber throw distance increased 25%.

- Saber throw speed nearly doubled.

- Saber can spend more time airborne.

- Summoned saber returns 3x as fast

- Spinning saber shield now possible on return of saber

- Saber will never fall to the ground when blocked.


Misc Changes:


StarWars: Team Assault Jetpack included with:

- Restrictions on use (Fetts, Mercs, Non-Saber wielders, Everyone...)

- Adjustable fuel usage (Cost, Rate, On/Off)

- Toggle whether flag carrier can use jetpack


Five new force ranks:

Sith Apprentice: 150 Force Points

Sith Lord: 200 Force Points

Jedi Lord: 250 Force Points

Ancient Master: 350 Force Points

One with the Force: 500 Force Points


Scale speed of models based on size (bigger == faster OR vice versa)

Scale damage reduction based on size, (i.e. Bigger characters take proportionally less damage, smaller get hurt more OR vice versa)

Saber styles now selectable based on saber attack level.

Scale saber damage based on how small a lightsaber is (Yoda's saber will thrash now)

Players can combine Light and Dark Force powers

Can increase Bot Force Power levels with cvar

Adjust minimum forceJump level that kicks can be used on. [Artifex]

Speed at which player pushes off wall when flipping now adjustable

Falling damage can be reduced or eliminated

Eliminate blocking from behind

Orange Style is now Green.



\"cvar_list.txt\" contains specifics on each cvar, running jk2104.cfg will reset everything to default v1.04 settings


*************** *************** *************** ***************


Installation : Unzip into the GAMEDATA folder. All the files inside of the zip should end up in the folder



Execution : select the JediMod v1.2 in the mod setup screen.

Or use the command line argument +set fs_game forceMod

ex. \"C:\\LucasArts\\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\\GameData\\jk2mp.exe\" +set fs_game forceMod

Or run the \"play_forcemod.bat\" file in your Gamedata directory


Some options toggleable from ForceMod menu in Setup screen


First mod i've ever written/expanded, started writing it just so i could jump a little higher.

You can search for other ForceMod servers from the server selection menu if it is loaded properly from the ForceMod folder.



---Credits & Thanks----------------------------------------------------------------


Raven and LucasArts for Jedi Outcast

Dest for releasing the JediMod 1.2 source code and the platform for this project.

Tchouky for his RGB and scaling mod code.

ASk for his grapple code.

|:|ReMaRk|:| for a compatible saber hilt pack and models. (not included)

The Eternal and RenegadeOfPhunk for:

The Team Assault Jetpack code, just a taste of a new StarWars Class-based mod due in 2003:

- http://strikeforce.jediknightii.net/

- http://mods.moddb.com/276/?view=all

Stellarwinds for getting me started on how to make a mod and for some of his great JediStyle ideas.

keo718 for the updated tckmodel.cfg and intensive initial testing and feedback

All the Lucasforums posters for coding assistance.

ArtifeX for ideas on balancing certain force powers and lightsaber combat:

ideas - http://www.oculis.or...atures_104.html

For some *awesome* realistic saber combat, try ProMod:

- ProMod homepage : http://www.oculis.org/promod

- Download: http://www.fileshack.../file.x?fid=837


(Note - links may be broken/out of date by the time of this reading)


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