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  1. Nuhallis

    Zyk OpenJK Mod

    Been running this mod on the new (DAJ) roleplay server. Is pretty nifty and having quite a bit of fun with it. Would love to see more work done on it. Perhaps add RBG sabers >.>
  2. Old Roleplay clan reboot potentially in the works, anyone interested? Looking for experienced people for Council, Master and Knight positions as well as people who are interested in growing characters from the ground up, hit me up if you are interested.

  3. Has not been on in some time. Wonders how JK Galaxies is doing.

  4. I would but im not quite sure how, lol. Though if someone else does and feels like it, by all means.
  5. Just wondering... Yall know that orbital bombardment feature in that Taris Map? Would it be possible to make a weather effect to use in game that's essentially the same thing? A rain effect that uses random bombardment and explosions w/damage?

    1. Lancelot


      Personally, I was also thinking about if something like that is possible, at least as a weapon just like EA's Battlefront.


      Maybe you should post it in the request forum.

  6. I'm just going to shamelessly bump this post. Shattered Worlds is still going strong and actively looking for new people to join the community! http://shattered-worlds.org Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/2M7PyPF
  7. So we over at Shattered Worlds are tossing the idea around for a World of Darkness themed roleplay using jka, putting together some maps and retextures and stuff, along with a bunch of skins and what not... Who around here would be interested in that sort of thing?

  8. That moment when you forget to make all your window pillars detail brushes as you go and have to go through and hand select bits and pieces for 30 minutes to make them all detail brushes so you can actually compile your map... rip my sanity....

    1. Ramikad


      Models are far more manageable for columns, pillars and details in general.

    2. Nuhallis


      Yea but they never quite capture the look ya know?


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