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  1. I saw Jeff's first version of Arcann, and that was great - but they recently just created a bunch of new models for Arcann/Thexan (mainly the new Thexan). https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1524340&p=51526681#post51526681 Does anyone think they could port these over for me? I'd owe you my life.
  2. That full picture is so awesome. I could imagine just a full Jedi Noir movie on Coruscant in the lower city.
  3. Do you think you could make an improved armored Temple guard? There's one out already, but I'd love to see what you could do. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwarsanimated/images/3/38/Jedi_Temple_Guard.png/revision/latest?cb=20160115214425 Reference Image https://jkhub.org/files/file/2743-temple-guard-armored-rebels/ Here's the one that's out already. Also, something you could do is: Recolor the armor in this to white and add the designs: https://jkhub.org/files/file/2456-the-inquisitor-rebels/ (The Inquisitor Armor is pretty similar to the Armored Temple Guard, if you ask me.) Then just frankenstein the already-made Temple Guard head by Kualan. https://jkhub.org/files/file/2234-jedi-temple-guard-version-2/ I tried to do this myself but I cannot frankenstein or texture
  4. THE DARK AGES The galaxy had broken out in full-scale war between the Republic and the Empire; narrowing all the way down to the core planets. The dormant Empire had been revitalized by a newly elected Grand Moff, a mysterious Iktochi by the name of Cyril Ahkrin. Cyril cut through the Empire’s ranks like none before, becoming only the second alien in the history of the Empire to reach Grand Moff status. There were few who questioned the legitimacy of his ascension, and those who did were silenced after they saw his prowess. He utilized unprecedented tactics in the war against the Republic, choosing to destroy resources instead of fight over them. This left both the Republic and the Empire short on supplies. In the past, the Empire had flourished on the resources pillaged from the other galactic bodies. With all of them destroyed, they were left with nothing. These tactics won the war, but effectively crippled the Empire in the process. The galaxy finally found peace after the Republic fell, but it wasn’t meant to last. Cyril Ahkrin revealed his true nature as nothing more than a megalomaniacal tyrant. Not too long after Cyril was exposed, there were rallies to return to the old ways; a call to return to more traditional ideals. Naturally, Cyril set out to silence them which led to a civil war between the Grand Moff’s fanatics and the Traditionalist rebels. The remaining Sith were caught in the crossfire and were all but destroyed, leaving only a handful to persevere after the war. Few resources were left to be had by either side, and the Empire tore itself to shreds. Centuries passed, and with nobody to fill the void left by the Empire and Republic, the galaxy atrophied. The effect of Cyril’s campaign were permanent, leaving the galaxy in total disarray. Time marched on, and technology eventually broke down. With no way to replace the quickly vanishing tech, the galaxy fell into an age of darkness. Galactic travel slowed, making it nigh impossible to travel far distances. This left many planets on the outer rim and beyond stranded, left to fend for themselves. Many planets were left bare by Cyril’s irradiation tactics, firmly destroying any sort of ecosystem they may have had. With the degradation of technology came the absence of long-range communications, leading to lack of awareness about the state of systems that individuals aren’t already in. From the remnants of this galaxy, new organizations arise. Long gone are the times of structured government and establishments, but instead what you as a player create for yourself. From the darkness, any single person can rise. What will your story be? The Options Are Limitless It is around 600 ABY. The galaxy has deteriorated to a period of technological dark ages, boiling down the main arc to only a few planets. Within this roleplay, one will be able to follow many paths in the journey you create for yourself. Some may choose to increase their own personal wealth, others may move toward rebuilding the galaxy, and live their life in relative ease. Others aspire to be powerful force sensitives - learning from what was left behind by the previous generations. Heavy Roleplaying Server Here at Shadowfall, we are dedicated to providing the best roleplay experience possible within the Star Wars universe. We try to stay in-character at all times and it is strictly against the rules to reference anything OOC whilst IC. The Story Shadowfall will provide all of the members with a main, oversiding arc for all of the members to enjoy - whether they choose to participate or not. The staff team have been collaborating on the story for a lengthy time now, and hope that it will provide a fun and interesting experience for all roleplayers alike. There will also be minor, subarcs for individuals if they desire to assist with character development. The story for this Jedi Knight Academy based roleplay takes place many years after the conclusion of Return of the Jedi, and with this said the Shadowfall staff team encourages all forms of creativity, and appreciates serious writers and Star Wars fanatics to take part in this story. The options are limitless for customization, and Shadowfall provides you with such an opportunity without limiting one to a certain faction. The Mod We use the OJRP mod to enhance our immersion and roleplaying experience over-all, which is an older version of the current mod in progress by the official OJRP team. We currently have a coder making a few adjustments until the official mod is released. Under Construction The Shadowfall team is working hard to bring you all of this as fast as possible, but we can't do it all alone. We're working on creating a brand new map, specifically for our community. If you wish to assist us in any ways, whether it's GFX, mapping, skins, writing, send me a PM! We could use the assistance. There's no planned opening date at this time.
  5. Been working on the new community for awhile now. Sad to see JKASWRP pass, but it's the usual cycle. Hopefully this one will strive till OJRP is finished!

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      Totes looking forward to it mate.


  6. The ported models of those two were just awful, and those are both awesome looking.
  7. http://www.ilm.com/visual_development/the-force-awakens-portfolio/ It's beautiful. And a ton of stuff in there that brings up some questions.. What's up with that Jedi being interrogated? Wonder if they had different plans for Poe originally.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpvAi5goOZg New reference video for those interested.
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