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    SC Island

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    4 hours ago, biggs said:

    Did you make this in blender or something?

    Yes, I basically rendered a high resolution heightmap and baked it onto a much less complex version of the terrain, then I exported it as .md3 and completed it in Radiant with palms and bushes.


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    Fool of a Ramikad, the map actually works fine in MP as well, except for a few sounds. I should've set that damned sv_pure to 0 before I tried!

    Haunted Halls

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    Hi, I've downloaded and put your pk3 file in the base folder but when I enter the game, I am unable to find the map in create a game. How can I start your map mate ? :)


    Apparently the map doesn't have an .arena file, which is needed to define the available MP game modes. You can still get to it typing in the console /map haunted_halls.

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  1. wait, what's sincere pumpkin then? :huh:


    Uhm? It is a reference to the Peanuts comics, where Linus insists that the Great Pumpkin rises from the pumpkin patch that is the most sincere on Halloween night.


    The "dark and stormy night" in the description is also a reference to Peanuts, as it's Snoopy's typical incipit for his books.

  2. A very good looking gun! Is it possible to release this as a non-replacable model? Modders like me could use this to add it as a new weapon. 


    You mean like having it in its own folder and correct texture paths, for example, models/weapons2/umbaran_blaster/umbaran_blaster_w.glm? It can be done in this case.

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    This model is simply mindblowing.


    Would you mind if I used your model in a future video?


    Sure thing, go ahead! :D


    Pretty cutie model : 3 I was wondering and asking for years "why no one make more animals into JKA?" i am fascinated about the not_humanoid skeleton animation. animate a spider is really difficult. more complex of an humanoid IMHO. so nice work, man! :D


    Tested in game: run out of space about ghoul 2 adjust mini heap size, every time the spoder is hitted with saber or other weapons. :\ perhaps too much high poly model? D:



    Thanks! The error happens because it essentially is a "joke-WAD" style mod. It's meant to be completely unserious, hence the naming, and the incredible amount of geometry of the base model, which suits this for MP only use. I'll eventually make a better version, with a better geometry that allows for SP use too.

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  3. looks pretty cool! cartoony, but cool :)

    where's it from again?


    Yeah, I'm not really satisfied with the textures, but I really suck as a texture artist and just wanted to wrap it up.

    It's from the Trilogy of Thrawn, by the way - it first appeared in Heir to the Empire as part of Talon Karrde's fleet.

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    The Valley of the Jedi

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    When I load up the map in Singleplayer it says 'Couldn't Find A Spawn Point' any help?


    It means there are no proper singleplayer spawns (info_player_start) in the map. You could entity-mod the map to add them manually, but I don't know much about it - there may be some tutorials around.

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