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  1. Could it be that you're projecting your own feelings unto the rest, nobody can argue that Disney has destroyed your passion for Star Wars, but that doesn't mean it's been the general rule. 

    Agreed, I wouldn't have made anything for JA in the past few years if the new movies hadn't come along.

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  2. Just saw the new update came out for movie battles that is the force awakens expansion. I saw before Poe and Finn got released separately that were in this expansion and was wondering if anyone was going to pull out the Kylo model from it? I asked the movie battles team if they were going to release the Kylo model separately like they did with Poe and Finn, but they said Kylo will probably be exclusive to the update only... <_<

    I don't know who told you that but they're talking out of their arse, it's always been mine and Lerv's intention to release it on JKHub when it was finished. Unfortunately the model that got released with MB2 has some missing caps and weighting issues around the robes but we thought we'd release it with MB2 early anyway because it might be awhile before the next patch. Once Lerv fixes those issues we'll put it out on JKHub along with the lightsaber I made.


    Well if they have used my soundpack then I may be able to twist their arm to give me a copy of the model seperately. Other than that the only hope is not Obi Wan, but someone who can convert MBII models to JK.

    No we didn't I recorded most of the sounds from Disney Infinity and Spaghetti recorded some from the film.

  3. Hey so, over in the introductions thread I started a poll and you guys seemed to like the First Order theme. So what's your ideas? I'm going to try something a little different this time and hope to build most of the map in 3D max, and import everything into GTK as Ase files.. Perhaps some of you modders can point me in the direction of info on poly count limitations etc..? As previously I have only used BSP to map.


    Anyways would be great to hear your map ideas below?

    I'm not sure what the limit polycount wise is but I try to keep everything as low poly as possible, and when you export a model each part of the model can only be 500 verts max so if you do make larger models you might have to split it up.


    The main limitation I've come across with when putting models in a map is the lighting, most models you'll want to use vertex lighting for but that means the shadows on them don't look great so I'd advise against making everything a model just props and that. You can apply lightmaps to models via shaders but from when I was experimenting with those it seemed to remove the smoothing groups of the model so it left them with faceted edges which looked pretty bad in game. Let me know if you find a way around that though because I'd love to create terrain in max and export that rather than making it out of brushes in GTK ^^.

  4. It's frankensteined from a bunch of different models


    Hapslash's Count Dooku for torso, legs, arms boots.

    The top part of the scarf is from Kualan's Kylo Ren.

    Hood is from Someone's Keller model.


    Then I made the mask, belt, lower part or the robes, redid most of the UV maps and textured it,


    Lervish did the face and he is weighting the model as well.


    I increased the AO and saturation a tad.


    At the moment I'm a bit stuck. My shaders are not working at all on the model, and I am not sure why. Also the lightsaber blade is missing in singleplayer.


    There's no error message, in the console. 


    The mesh itself is 5.9k triangles which is below that of Aayla and Quinlan, which I did not have any issues with - so I do not think its anything to do with the model's density.


    For example a simple shader for the alpha that I have here:




            map models/players/st_poe/head_hair
            alphaFunc GE192
            rgbGen lightingDiffuse

    Does not even work. I've tried multiple different shaders and still nothing.
    I'm using a 32bit .tga texture with an alpha. The alpha works fine in modview and other programs, so I'm not sure whats going on.
    Anyone have any idea on what could be causing these issues?


    Try deleting the shader from the pk3 and try again, if the issue goes away then it's a problem with that shader if not you can start narrowing it down.


    Also for an alpha map shader this is the one I used for Kylo Ren and I didn't have any issues so maybe give it a go.




    cull twosided
            map models/players/kylo_ren/extras
            alphaFunc GE128
            rgbGen lightingDiffuse
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