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  1. Making maps is easy. Making good maps is not, and requires passion. It's difficult to have passion knowing nobody will play your map because they're afraid to leave out the few people who play this game. I speak from experience. I used to play a lot and made plenty of maps in the old days. Now I can't get past the basics and leave everything lazily unfinished. I also see a lot of servers these days don't allow downloads. What's up with that?
  2. Are you looking for something themed or just a big space to spawn ships to fly around? It would take like 10 minutes to make a map with a platform and max out the rest of the map with empty space and a cosmic background.
  3. I'm in pretty much the same situation. I played countless hours from 2003-2007 and made countless maps, some good and popular, but most garbage. After coming back a few weeks ago I saw a complete lack of custom maps so decided to start making them again, even if there isn't much demand. I think there isn't much of a demand due to consolidation of the few players into a few popular servers. They can't afford to reject people who don't have the maps. I make maps now as a form of art. I find myself spending much more time in GTKRadiant than in JKA. My first few maps were just uploaded, but I don't expect many downloads due to their simplicity. My maps are made for BaseJKA (grapple really ruins them) as I despise the inaccuracy of JAPlus hits and damages, but I've only seen one server running Base which actually had people in it. As for the community: I've had a good laugh at the old school issues still being present. Lamers are still frowned upon and even kicked/banned even though the populations can't afford it. KTs are a hoot to still see. Elitism and online egos (OMG I'll change my name to Padawan while training so as not to ruin my good name!) are still present even though they are unjustified with the lack of competition. It's like nobody has grown up and matured even though the majority of players I talk to have been playing for a decade or have just returned. Overall it is still a good game. I just wish this had taken off as an esport. Theoretically it still could as it is a unique game. There are no modern alternatives with this level of skill requirement (and lightsabers!). Pretty much this.
  4. Version 2


    These maps are brought to you by ~Mortyrshell. Nothing makes JKA great like simple maps and a challenge. These are nothing fancy and add a little bit of challenge. Updated Jun 24, 2016. The duel maps are simplified versions of the FFA maps with the same number. MMDuel1, MMDuel2, MMDuel3, and MMDuel4 work with duel and power duel. MMFFA1, MMFFA2, and MMFFA3 work with FFA and TFFA. MMFFA2 works with CTF. MMFFA4/MMFFA4A is a giant map designed for spawning flying vehicles. All maps have some degree of bot compatibility. If you have any requests/suggestions/bugs you can find me on JKHub or in game on weekdays. Make JKA great again!
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