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  1. Light will not be decompiled too. =(
  2. Wooah! Loading-briefeng screen look like Space Rangers) Nice mod
  3. Wooohoooo!!! Nice file! Please make a similar one for blender, I have a couple of ideas and I don't want to download 3dmax. (I'm just used to working with blender)
  4. 2.93 works too but replace time.clock to time.process_time in jamd3export.py and mrwprofiler.py
  5. So this is a check on the correct hierarchy? Niiiice!
  6. Can I ask in more detail what this plug-in does?
  7. I need to understand how the Exporter and Importer work
    That's a great idea, if replace patch explorer it would be perfect.
  8. gtx1063 - I don't see any difference =(
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