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  1. I need to understand how the Exporter and Importer work
    That's a great idea, if replace patch explorer it would be perfect.
  2. gtx1063 - I don't see any difference =(
  3. Open .sab file in notepad (pk3 file opens winrar/winzip/7zip and etc.) and search names. Or use this http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Utilities/Others/59104/
  4. 49 downloads

    A completely self-made saber from JFO by Taron Maliсos, a fallen Jedi from Dathomir. New model New textures New sounds
  5. 113 downloads

    Hi. Made saber grips based on G-Matoshi's design. I was a fan of Naruto anime when I was a kid, so I got the idea to make these sabers. Thanks to G-Matoshi. ps. Bad or good, the fact that I like anime - I don't care 😃
    I had a similar idea, didn't have time to =( Beautiful!❤️
  6. If I understood correctly, the Blender plugin supports import/edit/export animation.
  7. Hi. I want to start working with animation. Tried to work with Blender. (How many animation frames can I upload at one time?) Where do I start? Are there tutorials besides XSI Mod Tool?
  8. 19 downloads

    Made a sword. Inspired work: https://www.deviantart.com/peterku. New sounds, textures, shaders.
  9. 72 downloads

    Hi! I'm taking part in your Halloween! I have long wanted to make a map from Unreal Tournament 99. Story: The Peragus was not a well researched planet. In the depths of planet, ancient civilizations created temples of light and darkness. The power of the surrounding temple is so great that after the explosion the temples were left unharmed. They time after time call adepts of light and dark side of force in eternal battle. New textures: Yes! New effects: Yes! New music: Yes! New sounds: Yes! New md3 models: Yes! Botroutes: Yes! IBI script: YES! (Thanks @NAB622) My fi
  10. For the first test, I chose misc_model Script: ------------------------ rem ( "comment" ); affect ( "space", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { task ( "rotate" ) { rotate ( < 5.000 5.000 5.000 >, 1.000 ); } loop ( -1 ) { dowait ( "rotate" ); wait ( 0.000 ); } } ------------------------
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