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    Hi, I make maps in small steps, and I realized that before releasing a big map, need to do something small. Remember how you played CS at a young age? Experience nostalgia with this map in the game. 100% accurate of fy_iceworld geometry. Enjoy :3
  2. Yes, I decided. The path to the folder should be through the gamedata. This solved the issue with gtkradiant, but here's what to do with the jackhammer editor. >< upd. jackhammer issue too! @Ramikad Thank you for your attention!)
  3. ok, i found a topic with a similar problem. the whole thing is on the way, apparently it should start with the gamedata folder. I hope this helps me https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/8167-tiled-texture-issue
  4. I have "system / caulk" and "common / caulk" I use the system. in the folder with "ja" there are no more resources besides native pk3 files. Maybe the path should be standard like "c: / lukas arts / star wars / ..." or is it not important? If that way to the shaders and to the images has no spaces. Also during compilation and decompilation I noticed such an error. Like: "Warning: Could not find texture .bsp:textures/system/caulk" But on q3 forums, they says to ignore this.
  5. Hey, %username%, i'm stuck! Can you help me? ? Hello! I again decided to make a map for the game. I made basic geometry and stuck on system textures (caulk, nodraw, etc.). In the shader file written that they are not drawn and / or not solid, but I have a Brush with a texture visible, it is solid and uses the texture "lost texture" (gray-white). Who had a similar problem, tell me what to do? Thanks and sorry for poor eng ? upd. screens in editor https://i.ibb.co/JcStvFS/2019-12-17-213428.jpg in game https://i.ibb.co/VCjB1Zv/2019-12-17-213537.jpg
  6. I hate myself ... I can not finish the map
  7. YYYYIIIISSSS!!!! :3 Thank you @@AshuraDX!
  8. By the way, the shaders for character models and for environment models work differently.
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