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  1. Hi. I want to start working with animation. Tried to work with Blender. (How many animation frames can I upload at one time?) Where do I start? Are there tutorials besides XSI Mod Tool?
  2. 4 downloads

    Made a sword. Inspired work: https://www.deviantart.com/peterku. New sounds, textures, shaders.
  3. 18 downloads

    Hi! I'm taking part in your Halloween! I have long wanted to make a map from Unreal Tournament 99. Story: The Peragus was not a well researched planet. In the depths of planet, ancient civilizations created temples of light and darkness. The power of the surrounding temple is so great that after the explosion the temples were left unharmed. They time after time call adepts of light and dark side of force in eternal battle. New textures: Yes! New effects: Yes! New music: Yes! New sounds: Yes! New md3 models: Yes! Botroutes: Yes! IBI script: YES! (Thanks @NAB622) My first almost serious work. Hope you like it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Music on the Halloween theme map is owned by Dave Wave (Thanks much!) Video
  4. For the first test, I chose misc_model Script: ------------------------ rem ( "comment" ); affect ( "space", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { task ( "rotate" ) { rotate ( < 5.000 5.000 5.000 >, 1.000 ); } loop ( -1 ) { dowait ( "rotate" ); wait ( 0.000 ); } } ------------------------
  5. Hello! I need help with ICARUS scripts. I don't know English well and it's just hard for me to translate tutorials. Can somebody tell me the steps to follow? Please๐Ÿ˜ฉ I'm trying to make a rotation. Tried to adapt a script from vjun2 but it did not work. (model that should rotate just disappears from the map).
    Woah) Remove the ring and the light part to put down below and it's gonna be like a Jedi back there.
  6. Does the Forcespfix folder go into the gamedata folder?

    1. Laisum


      in base. This mod just adds graphics fo 4+ forcepowers (mindtrick and saber throw)

  7. 48 downloads

    Hi, I make maps in small steps, and I realized that before releasing a big map, need to do something small. Remember how you played CS at a young age? Experience nostalgia with this map in the game. 100% accurate of fy_iceworld geometry. Enjoy :3
  8. Yes, I decided. The path to the folder should be through the gamedata. This solved the issue with gtkradiant, but here's what to do with the jackhammer editor. >< upd. jackhammer issue too! @Ramikad Thank you for your attention!)
  9. ok, i found a topic with a similar problem. the whole thing is on the way, apparently it should start with the gamedata folder. I hope this helps me https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/8167-tiled-texture-issue
  10. I have "system / caulk" and "common / caulk" I use the system. in the folder with "ja" there are no more resources besides native pk3 files. Maybe the path should be standard like "c: / lukas arts / star wars / ..." or is it not important? If that way to the shaders and to the images has no spaces. Also during compilation and decompilation I noticed such an error. Like: "Warning: Could not find texture .bsp:textures/system/caulk" But on q3 forums, they says to ignore this.
  11. Hey, %username%, i'm stuck! Can you help me? ? Hello! I again decided to make a map for the game. I made basic geometry and stuck on system textures (caulk, nodraw, etc.). In the shader file written that they are not drawn and / or not solid, but I have a Brush with a texture visible, it is solid and uses the texture "lost texture" (gray-white). Who had a similar problem, tell me what to do? Thanks and sorry for poor eng ? upd. screens in editor https://i.ibb.co/JcStvFS/2019-12-17-213428.jpg in game https://i.ibb.co/VCjB1Zv/2019-12-17-213537.jpg
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