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  1. It's probably going to be closer to the PC version than the original console versions with their enhancements.
  2. So this is the same author who originally uploaded it to JK2files on the old filefront?
  3. I don't really like anything from TFA, but this is a great looking map.
  4. Since I played the Gamecube version of Outcast before the PC version back in the day I realize there was some visual differences such as shiny doors and weapons, also there was a lights effect on the trip mines not present in the PC version, I managed to extract it from the Dolphin emulator but it's not the best quality texture and I still don't know how to get that outways pulsing texture effect.

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    2. minilogoguy18


      I think I remember the console JA had volumetric shadows and dynamic light/glow on by default. Also, anyone able to extract the video that plays when the game is left idle in JA? It was a really cool montage of gameplay.

    3. Numfast


      Cool. But there are also some cuts in console version if you compare it to PC. cairn_dock1 cut on two levels and has differences. Also some textures has smaller size and cutscenes are recorded from PC.

    4. Smoo


      dynamicglow is on by default on pc jamp too

  5. No, they aren't hardcoded, it's the effect fx script which makes it whatever colour was chosen, you need the fx tool to change it.
  6. Honestly I'd rather play Morrowind with the graphics and sounds overhaul mod than Skyrim, Skyrim was also a disappointment to me after playing Oblivion and then Morrowind, I couldn't even find many mods to make Skyrim feel better.
  7. I know I'm late at saying this but I'm sad to see the weather go, it did add to the ambience of certain maps quite a bit.
  8. I don't know about anyone else but I found FO4 very dull and boring, Fallout New Vegas felt much more enjoyable for some reason.
  9. I don't think it makes much sense how the tatooine sand texture was turned into a rock texture, but otherwise I like this.
  10. Since there was quite a few MP mods with them included in the past is there any chance something like this would be implimented into SP?
  11. Really wish there was a way to play SOTE on modern PC's, it's a real shame that it will remain incompatible, it would've really helped if the source code was released before the Lucas games shutdown.

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    2. OmegaSigma


      wait theres a patch for Rogue? hot dam

    3. minilogoguy18


      The problem with the older games is that the installers are 16bit and wont run on 64bit OS's (now the standard pretty much) so for older games it's just a matter of downloading a patched installer.

    4. OmegaSigma


      I think the star trek elite force games are like that

  12. I would love to see other star wars games such as Shadows of the Empire remade, but otherwise I can't decide between Dark Forces 2 or Jedi Academy.
  13. Will there be any plans to add support for the star fighter vehicles in SP?
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