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STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remaster of Movie Duels II)

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Modding is a hobby. Unless people have the power to shut down what you're doing, ignore whatever drama they might spout because their opinion is meaningless. You don't seem like one of those sensitive people that stop doing stuff because an autist on the web threw a fit, so don't empower them by paying attention to them. 



Fame and acknowledgement on a JK modding forum is as relevant as the first prize in Mongolia's national throat singing contest. 



Are we talking about a youtuber or something? 


Also, whenever there's Internet Drama, remember the wise words of Tyler the creator:



Wise words, yet people are so addicted to social media and such they find it hard. It's like an addiction cause of dopamine hits. That's actually a real thing.

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lol, what a weird people out there!

That's totally ridiculous to think that you guys wanna get fame by using the original author work or owning it without any credit of him.

The funniest thing is you've given him a credit not even once and told his work was huge and hard.

Besides, this mod was created by fans and for fans, so just keep it up and do not deal with idiots  ;)

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  • Circa changed the title to STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remaster of Movie Duels II)

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