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  1. Hah, I really hoped to see something new but well.. It's mine library ? Glad to see it's circulating! Also I need to say there's actually a bit more models by Punisher here : https://community.moviebattles.org/threads/landolores-modpack-1-3.8226/ Interesting versions of Dart Malgus, Count Dooku, Proxy (hell yeah!) and Kazdan Paratus! (and more!)
  2. Nice to see you are out of shadows, mate. Finally.
  3. Oh no, the multiplayer mode is Movie Battles actually! What I am talking about is this one: https://www.moddb.com/mods/movie-duels 100% singleplayer mod. The code developer is Jace Soloaris: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHSZDdH3ny-Vg-YaLQkh9-g?reload=9&reload=9 Look by yourself. Many interesting features, but most of them are sabercombat-oriented
  4. Oh god! Trust me Tinny, what you do has a great potential. It seems rather (comparatively) simple feature - but look, it really adds a brand new angle to the gameplay! I mean, using guns in JKA is now interesting experience. Plus we still have characters like Boba & Jango who will really benefit from implementing your code! By the way, have you ever think of co-operating with MD2 Remastered team? Jace do wonders with saber combat but what you do is what he lacks I think.. Best wishes, St.Ivan
  5. Woah, feels just like good old days back then Punisher was active! By the way - right, we already have a reasonably quality model around here, but there's something in it when you know it is EXACTLY the model you are looking for, isn't it?
  6. Oh wait.. First semi-official release on this thread, right? Great. Many thanks for sharing! Hope MB (or Peneke) devs will notice it.
  7. Wow, any plans on continuing & posting links? As I know, devs of Peneke Pack for MB2 and MD 2-Remastered team will be very glad for sharing stuff of that kind. (Not mentioning regular community members)
  8. With all due respect, why still using Hap's Dookus head while having TFU and TFA ones already ported (and yeah, those body seems a bit bulky nowdays as well)? I feel myself like some ten years back, hah. By the way, boots and sholderpads are really nice, yeah!
  9. This Sion is from TFU. Already ported, can find in Penekepack for MB2 if i remember it right.
  10. So, CW stuff we have here today! With all due respect to your work, such models looks cartoonish (especially their heads & faces). Including them in authentic-oriented mods will break the atmosphere. TFU models looks way more realistic, still the polycount is too high to work easy with, so the best source to deal with (to my mind) is The Force Arena. Optimal polycount and a wide choice of realistic & authentic player models.
  11. The second picture looks almost like it was taken from some classic trilogy film!
  12. That's really promissing! A possibility to tune saber combat will satisfy both those who support vanilla system and those who prefer more accurate and manual one. Hope you'll succeed in implementing & developing this feature
  13. Is there any chance to see your stuff as a part of MD2-Remastered?
  14. Woah! - This guy really looks like a blend of Maulkiller, TCW Anakin and.. Yep, Inquisitor. Superb!
  15. Oh god! That Jedi Bith has something in common both with Master Windu and Supreme Leader Snoke. Nice that you concentrate on some minor or even no-name characters. That enlarges game's universe!
  16. ..Well, interesting, is it done on purpose that all the models are sort of gunners & heroes but not jedi and sith?)
  17. So does that mean the MD2 Remastered is no longer going to support SJE sabersystem, or there's still some hope on such feature? With Best Reguards from sunny Russia
  18. It's a good news to community that you're finally more or less back!
  19. Yet another masterpiece by you, that's damn great!
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