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  1. Will it work with that models i don't have lightsaber?!
  2. Will it work with that models i don't have lightsaber?!
  3. I try it , no lightsaber in sp mode no way to fix that one? *(right hand lightsaber)
  4. WHOOOOO WWhat?!!!Where?! I got this https://yadi.sk/d/cpQ1zpMSpvTr7
  5. GustavoPredator can you port this one? I want it for years!!!
  6. Still looking for a better version/port for the sith assassin ***********************
  7. I want to change the Camera view for the 3 person in jk ja and also all his mods?
  8. Can you please get me a way to have your Battlefront camera configuration as reference? *For JKA solo campaign and multiplayer? *Other mods i love it!
  9. Hooded Jedi with Facemask Playermodel Ported model assassin sith
  10. About animation : Have you considered working with the Hirmanator mod as a base (https://jkhub.org/files/file/753-clone-wars-stances-and-effects-mod/) ?
  11. (old request) Can someone port that model https://p3dm.ru/files/characters/supernatural/7294-starkiller-sith-assassin-.html it's an old wish.... thx you!
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