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[Announcement] Second Scrimmage Match

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Just a reminder that this event begins in roughly 24 hours.








@@Darth Futuza















The event will be at 1PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5), but if there is considerable demand we will be having an encore match at 7PM.

The match will be held at the same IP address as the first scrimmage match started. In case you forgot or can't find it, it will be in the server list (check JKHub.org servers). You will probably want the map pack.

Additional mentions, since the previous post was capped:





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Well played!


Next time we will be recording demos to make a gameplay video, and there will possibly be another patch to address some long-standing issues with thermal detonators, among a few new bugs that we found.

Overall it was very stable/fun, hope you had fun!

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Thanks for matches, but I had to leave game early, so could not play longer. Next time I will try to be present all the time, like in first match.


@Darth Futuza, can you make a time counter for next scrimmage match? It's hard to focus for those who are in different time regions. Thanks.

Sure thing.  Will make it when we're closer and have a definite time decided.

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