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[Announcement] Second Scrimmage Match

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Jedi Knight Galaxies Scrimmage Match #2


Following the release of 1.2.1, we will be hosting another scrimmage match - this time it will be significantly more stable as we've found the root cause of (most of) the crashes in last week's playtests, thanks to your help!


In this release, we have also fixed up Capture the Flag mode and will be demonstrating it in the playtest. Mac OSX and Windows XP are supported out of the box as well.

if you are interested in participating, please give us the best time that will work for you as a response to this thread, and as a fun aside, mention what you are looking forward to!


If you already have 1.2.0, this download will be very small - probably 10MB or less.


You will need the following in order to play in the Scrimmage Match:

How to install the mod:

  • Download the necessary file(s)
  • Unzip the entire jkgalaxies folder into your Gamedata folder. That is, there should be a jkgalaxies folder in your Gamedata folder.
  • And to run, run the script (Run JKGalaxies.bat / runjkg.sh)


If you haven't already, check out the 1.2.1 thread.


Date: Saturday, November 19th

Time: 1pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

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Drunken Ramikad approves.


Agh. When will you guys get a liquor or beer emoticon for these kind of posts? :P






It's an ideal date, I hope I'm avaiable! 



CTF with GUNS - FTW! Ready anytime.



weekends only, cant attend on weekdays, i've got things to do



Can I sign up too? Was in the first match,had fun. 



Sounds ok to me also



Friday, 11 November after 8pm GMT, up until Sunday, 11pm. I'm free all day Saturday. :)



Friday 1pm MST would be idea for me, if not Saturday after 5pm MST would work as well.  Regardless of whether or not I can play I'll try to at least have the client open.


I don't know what time is best, or how many people are from which timezones. I'm thinking of two different times: 7PM EST (mountain time: 5PM, GMT: 12am), 1PM EST (mountain time: 11am, GMT: 5PM). Can I get some feedback as to which time would be best?


We need someone to stream the match. @@SiLink would it be possible to get it on the JAWA official stream?

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