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  1. Hmmm, yeah it seems the mod crashes when loading a save with NPCs on some maps. I tried with Lunarbase for instance and had this issue... Running with admin rights doesn't seem to fix it :/
  2. Yeah, I have the same issue on Windows! Don't know what's the cause... I followed the installation guide, except for the part where it says you must copy the KotF .pk3 files into the gamedata folder, I guess they meant the gamedata/base folder, otherwise the game launches as the default JA. Here's the error message: FS_CreatePath: failed to create path ".\KotF\saves"
  3. That's what I thought, I'll have to check some coding tutorials then. Thanks for clarifying!
  4. I'm taking the liberty to ask again about animations: I never liked how the characters seem to be running/walking casually with some weapons in hand, so I'd like to know how I can "lock" the "weaponidle" stance while moving? This concerns the pistol, E11, disruptor and Demp 2, the others are OK. I've been fiddling with the animation.cfg file but to no avail :/
  5. Another question about animations: I checked the tutorial to combine sequences in Modview, but once I combined some of them is there a way to make the combined animation usable in game? Or is it just for preview?
  6. I see... Well, I think I deleted some of those because I didn't know what they were Thanks for the info, guess I'll have to do it again without touching the tags this time
  7. Hm, sorry to ask but what are these "tags" you mentioned? (I forgot to say that I'm an amateur modder!)
  8. Hello everyone! Thanks to Maui's tutorial I was able to work on my first Frankenstein model It works perfectly ingame but there's a tiny problem: when I use this model as a playermodel in 3rd person, NPCs won't look straight at me, they are looking slightly down. When I switch to first person though, NPCs look at me in the eyes. When I spawn the model as an NPC, it looks in the air. It's not much but it's kinda silly, anyone knows the problem? The only thing I can think of is that I used Kyle's belt and moved it a bit lower so that it looks better, could that be the cause? I made a few tests with Modview and managed to experiment some things with animations. I was wondering if it was possible to alter the running/walking animation so that the character always holds some weapons (in this case the E11, Disruptor and DEMP2) with two hands while moving (like in multiplayer, if I remember correctly)? I don't really get how the weaponready or weaponidle animations work... I'm asking because I'd like to change the ugly pistol stance with the cool one from Movie Battles II...
  9. I've found some time to work on this little mod, I managed to change weapon properties, sounds and ingame/menu descriptions & icons but I had a small question: is it possible to modify the first person field of view with a 16:9 resolution? I know there is a console command to modify the FOV but it only "stretches" the picture. I'm looking for a console command similar to "cg_thirdpersonrange" which allows to widen the third person view. It's pretty well known that 1st person weapons with a 16:9 resolution appear to be cropped, so I was wondering if something could be done about that?
  10. I wasn't able to play for more than an hour unfortunately but what I've seen so far is good! I like how ironsight aiming and sprinting have been added to make the game feel more modern. It looks like there's a large choice in terms of weapons which is cool. The buying/selling system is a nice idea, the only downside being (very personal opinion here) that if you're not very good at multiplayer you don't actually get to test a lot of them The mod was running ok for the most part except when it crashed twice for me but I was able to come back quickly. Strange thing is that when I came back the first time, pressing X made me Noclip (I binded X for the sprint in JKG, but it's binded to Noclip when I play SP) so I had to re-assign that key via the setup menu... Not a huge issue but I thought it was strange that cheats were enabled on the server That said I'd be glad to give it another try someday!
  11. I'd like to give this mod a try! 1pm EST would be better for me...
  12. That's what I thought and I can understand that... For now I'm doing this for myself as some kind of training (and I have to say it's quite fun messing with all that stuff to change the game), of course I didn't intend to release this without giving credits to the people who created these models but yeah, I get that you also need permission!
  13. Willdo

    Modding noob

    Yeah, those tutorials are a great idea, I already checked several of them. Sorry I'm a bit late but thanks for the invitation! I'll check some gameplay footage for this mod, it looks impressive.
  14. The mod is for SP for now, never tried modding for MP... At first I thought that simply removing ricochet.efx from the flechette folder would do it but it doesn't change anything, the projectiles still bounce on the walls so maybe it is something else... That would've been too easy! That's not much of an issue though, I just wanted to make that weapon shoot several lasers at once without the ricochet (I'm trying to make it feel like the CR-1 gun from the first two Battlefront games). Also, is it OK to release a mod like this which is just a collection of model ports from other modders with just a few tweaks here and there?
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