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Jeff's never ending WIP's

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2 hours ago, Lord Of Hate said:

Oh ? If I can get ahold of the saber, could you port it? If not it's fine.

Edit: never mind, I found a model on mrwonko, I didn't bother to check because shes such an obscure character, lol.

Good to see you back, haven't heard from you in some time.

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40 minutes ago, Atorrant3 said:

Hi. I don't know if this goes here. but I wanted to know if this model can be made.



There is a model of Vaylin out there, but if your referring to the young version of her then it's possible just not sure if it's worth it.


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I recently got a character model of Lord Skere Kaan I requested over a year ago and I am SOOOOOOOOOO greatful for it. Also it helps that I had other things to keep me patient knowing that the modeling process is not a cakewalk (well to Jeff it probably is, depending on what he’s working on lol).

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