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Jeff's never ending WIP's

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Oh, I noticed that some of the delicious models you screened are not presented in the Publick Folder, like Satele_kotet, Jolee Bindo, Resistance Solider, Grivous, Jedi Palpatine and many more. Any plans for uplpading?


I can't release Grievous as it's not mine to release. But here's the others. https://www.dropbox.com/s/419l29py1u74ire/2-15-2019.zip?dl=0

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Hello @@Jeff mate, do you know where I can find ripped Battlefront 3 models? I would like to use Rebel Endor body for my Rex kitbash  :)


Try also the Rebels backpack from GOH.

  • Is "low poly", yet looks good
  • is not so "bulky"
  • has the Endor texture colors and looks good with the model.
  • includes "shoulder straps" (needs some tweaking around the model's torso but nothing big) so it doesn't looks like is hanging on the model's back.
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