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(WIP) Hrakert Rift Station

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Okay, bit of an update. I've gotten the underwater hallway corridor done and I'm happy with that BUT the reason I'm not posting pics is because one of my brushes in the hallway has decided to disappear ingame, even though I can clearly see it in the editor. On top of that I created a .shader file with the info provided in the tutorial and put that into a pk3 but still no light was produced :\.


Help would be much appreciated.

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Haha, I just figured out what was wrong. Oh my. First of all, I edited the shaderlist.txt but forgot to put it in my .pk3 folder, secondly I had a brush ontop of the other brush, identical to the one. That was what was causing the disappearance.


EDIT: Oh wow, adding the file to the shaderlist did nothing, it appears the shader is still not triggering and no light is being generated from the surface. This was tested on the other more powerful computer but yielded the same result. I will post the shader file I created below in the path shaders/dynamiclight.shader


               qer_editorimage textures/colors/white.jpg
               q3map_surfacelight 7500
               q3map_backSplash 0.5 8
               q3map_lightRGB 1 1 1
                        map $whiteimage
                        blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO
                        rgbGen const ( 1.00 1.00 1.00 )
                        map $whiteimage
                        blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
                        rgbGen const ( 1.00 1.00 1.00 )
What's supposed to happen here is that the light is emitted from the texture white as this is what I have the bulbs set to in GTK Radiant. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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You dont need to put the shader in a pk3 until you are finished and testing. Just test with sv_pure 0 and you can leave the shader in the base/shaders folder.



Also, textures/colors/white is already a shader in system.shader. 


        map $whiteimage
        rgbGen const ( 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 )
Rename yours to something else. Example: textures/colors/my_glowy_white.
Also also, make sure you aren't adding the .shader extension to the name in shaderlist.txt. dynamiclight will suffice.
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Alright this next post is going to be a bit lengthy so I'm going to split it up into sections:


1. Plans and Goals for the Map.


2. What I need help with


3. Screenshots of Progress


I haven't been working on this for about of week due to juggling school responsibilities but that doesn't excuse the lack of any updates whatsoever. I propose that if I make progress I will keep you guys updated on it so I can receive some criticism in real time. Now, as for how far I plan to go with Hrakert Station for now I plan on making the level up until when you first step outside onto the underwater part. I also have plans to bring this into Movie Battles 2 with an FA along the lines of insane wookiee-like Selkath vs mercenaries :P. It'll be up to my commitment to decide whether I'll continue to build the rest of the station once this has been done.


At the moment from what you can see from the screenshots, the light texture is missing. This is not an error I'm not sure how it was caused because I was fiddling around with the settings of my light emitting shader *which works perfectly thanks to MoonDog* to emit a more orangey kind of warmth because the lighting was looking too dark and desolate (weird for a place underwater I know, but the ref pics I'm working off prove otherwise!). I'm also having trouble with fx_runners as in it won't emit the effect I'm trying to get it to do. I've placed the fx_runner and I've directed it to the effect so I'm not sure what's going wrong. The next ones a big one that will save a looooot of hassle. Is there any possible way to merge the brush back together after cutting it? Its split into so many pieces when I'm trying to make a direct shape that it just complicates a lot of things. Doing func_group does not work but that may be because I'm using GTK radiant 1.6.4


Time for screenies!






















I've found a much more suitable skybox so that should look nicer. I'm not very happy with the textures and the lighting though but I'm not sure how I can improve it it :\.

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I think, it is possible to make the underwater space around the station as well, I mean, like in KOTOR, so that you could walk through water in a underwater suite. If I were making this map for SP, I would make the water area with some space commands (this make the area without gravity and air, it can be done in GtkRadiant).


Next to the doors it is possible to make an area with suits. They can be made either as a transport (for now Galak Mech can be used for a new NPC vehicle), which can then move through water. Or scripting can help. However all this is just a theory of mine, I've tried only some similar options.

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Is there any possible way to merge the brush back together after cutting it? Its split into so many pieces when I'm trying to make a direct shape that it just complicates a lot of things.

It's CSG Merge button,right next to 'Hollow'. It works as long as the brush is convex



Next to the doors it is possible to make an area with suits.

I suggets you make a NPC with CLASS_SWAMPTROOPER (can't drown), change the playermodel to your new NPC via scripting. At least, that's how i did it for my map

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Please say you'll include those evil shark things in the water.  Fighting those things was pretty freaky - crazy insane Selkath would be way cool too.  (Would be easy to add those too, just make a custom npc, and see if you can borrow one of those Selkath models someone has made, and then add some nice scary sounds for the npc).

By the way, just noticed this map, looks great so far.  


As far as suggestions:

-I don't like the default water shader being used, the blue is ugly, make your own and it'll look way more awesome.

-More lights sources, lightbulbs/lamps/florsscent glowing tubes, etc... some of the light is just mysteriously there.  Also broken/shut off bulbs would be cool too.

-Feel free to make the map your own, you've got the feel down, but its okay to change it up a bit add new things KOTOR's map wasn't perfect, so yours can be even better

-Don't forget the "human" elements of the map, things like broken sparking wires in the walls from where Selkath's went crazy, destroyed equipment, plumming tubes, etc...  Make it look like there really was a crazy incident with mad selkath ripping everything apart.

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Many moons ago I worked on a Manaan level and I made some textures for it. Feel free to use mine if you want. My texturing skill was significantly worse then though since I was just getting started learning how to make textures in photoshop. 


Anyway, here they are. 




Included is an underwater skybox, above water skybox, hangar forcefield, several animated signs/scrolling message things in addition to some metal textures. See if there's anything in there worth using. I actually made a fairly nice door texture but I can't find it anywhere on my computer. Shader is included. 

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OH MY GOD! You are an absolute legend Syko those will help so much! I am greatly appreciated that you would let me use your textures! Yes, as for custom water textures I was going to investigate how to do that after the map is somewhat near completion and I certainly LOVE the idea of the interactive elements but I think apart from adding zero gravity outside, I'll leave the scripting to after.


I had plans to rework the lights so that one was flickering and I was having troubles with effects otherwise it'd look a lot more lived in!

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goodness, it's almost been 3 years! well with a lot of free time on my hands in-between starting my new course I decided to pick this project up again.


here are some pictures of the progress I've made today and also before that I never uploaded:






going forward I'll be able to more accurately re-create the map because I'm able to use the original KOTOR map modules as reference in Blender. the second room took practically a day, I'm not particularly happy at my efficiency but I haven't mapped in a while so I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of things soon enough.


EDIT: can someone tell me how to properly embed imgur links?

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I can't wait for this!

neither can I! but there's a long way to go if what I've pieced together in Blender is anything to go on. thankfully I think I've found a more efficient way to work which I'll utilise today. big thing for me is to not get caught up on the details and to just illustrate the playspace of everything first.

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some more progress made today. first time I've ever been thankful for Bioware's laziness in there recycling of map layouts :P. I think the way I'm going to structure this project is to first create the playspace of every room (floor, ceiling, walls etc.) and then go through the whole map on various detail 'passes' such as lighting, adding crates, decals and such. 


not the most exciting showcase but hey, it's progress and progress made slightly faster than yesterday:







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