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Darth Valeria WIP Thread

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Thankfully I'm back with Machinimas

I have been busy with modifiying some maps such as throne room or deathstar maps or a yt-2000 map as Lwkill is working on it at the moment
Also I wasnt able to complete writing the script of Spark of Hope series. But now, I finished it

And when Lwkill finishes the map, I'll be shooting scenes for 6 episodes in a week

I also started writing new scripts such as "Ending of the Hope" and "The Tragedy of Darth Valeria - Episode I"

But first let's finish Spark of Hope first and many other projects will come in time

Thank you for your patience ❤️ 

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2021 helped me to learn about mapping a bit better and many other things
That's why I decided to create Sith Starship called Fury-Class Interceptor

Normally this is what map looks like





But I decided to use this one below. Because second one seems much detailed




This is what I got so far











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