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On 3/16/2021 at 10:36 AM, Omega said:

Been a while since I last posted but here is another project I am working on for any DOOM fans out there.


We don't seem to have the Doomslayer in the game yet, maybe you could be the one to make that happen? Even has a sword in his game that could fit well for him.

As it stands though, this model is awesome. Really enjoying the non-Star Wars content being brought to JKA in the past 2 years, I can't think of THAT many SW characters that haven't been brought over yet.

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13 hours ago, Omega said:

I appreciate the feedback, I'll be posting the revenant here up for download. I looked into doom slayer and the vert count is crazy but I'm still tempted to try something because I do want to see doom slayer in JKA.


Looks great, and oof I didn't realize they were ports, maybe look into getting a partner who's an expert at optimization. I have someone who was able to optimize a 10k vert model down to below 6600 and still have it look basically identical to what it was previously.

If worst comes to worst you could always get the model from another game. Also wondering if you were interested in the Crucible blade as well? Or just the Doomslayer.

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36 minutes ago, frenz said:

I was referring to Durge 😛 

JKHUB decided to merge my posts together, I wanted to upload that model and it made it look like you were talking about that one when I know you were talking about Durge lol

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21 hours ago, Omega said:

If I could get a hold of the original Dark Forces 2 models, I would gladly port them.

They're obtainable, but when exporting from 3D Object Converter all the UVs have to be re-scaled. I could probably provide a few down the road.

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