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  1. After downloading this only the RGB Nautolan appears in the SP selection screen. Any advice?
  2. Is it possible to add multiple models to a single species selection for a SP campaign? For example I'm trying to merge two Ithorian models with seperate .glm files and was wondering if it was possible to place these both in the same pk3 file.
  3. Figured it out! Is it also possible to have the staff and more than one fighting style as well? Say I start with the staff initially, can I have not just the staff and medium style, but also heavy/fast after the fighting style upgrade on Hoth? Wondering if this would be located in the combat section of the saber.menu file.
  4. Almost have no modding experience but am looking to edit the saber selection in SP. I wanted to add the function of selecting staves but not dual sabers at the beginning of making your character in SP. It's a very basic and simple request as I have done it before but have forgotten. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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