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  1. Ryojin

    FFA Nowhere

    Oh, man, this was one of my favorite levels to play with my friends back in the day...
  2. You think that stuff is worth saving...? O.o Seriously, I wrote quite a few of the reviews myself and I still don't think they are really worth saving. <.<
  3. Only a few times a week... Was more often, around daily, but I've been distracted with other stuff lately.
  4. This is particularly amusing to me, as I've just gotten into a rather lengthy discussion of piracy, and I was sitting on the 'against' side. XD
  5. What, you think pirates can't get their hands on the updates? lol
  6. The experienced pirate will know where to look for something that doesn't contain a virus and does indeed work, but still, better to go with the legal option, since it isn't at much of a disadvantage anyway.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C547hDR-3Es
  8. Perhaps the button shouldn't be a solid color, especially a solid black... Doesn't really make it look like it belongs there, ya know?
  9. Song that was playing right before it: My playlist is quite varied.
  10. To be completely honest, it looks very plain to me, texture-wise. It could use some more details like a button or something. Also, what is that black triangle thing near the top?
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