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  1. Hello. Yeah, i´m wondering if anyone came across an Mod that does regenerate your health like in modern Games? Another possibility would be if anyone has an idea how to create it. I have it in my mind that you take damage, and then after let´s say 10 seconds your health slowly regenerates. Just like what "Force Healing" would do, but without using the force. I guess it would be somewhat manageable through some commands. Thank you very much.
  2. Would it be possible to save these for the specific NPC that you are working on?
  3. Was the original Obi Wan ripped from the Episode 1 Game? By the way, why you don´t team up with this mod with the KOTF Team? To make the ultimate Compilation Mod.
  4. I think it´s looks great. Will you also do Luke from TLJ (but the Luke at the end)?
  5. I remember there were windows right and left. In the movie Snoke chokes Rey and fly her to the window where she can see the outside space battle.
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